It is hard to explain how it feels to go to a race track by the ocean. A totally different feel and the action is special. You need to go here!

The panoramic view is cool.

I love the palm trees

The Ventura Raceway ticket booth has a new name to me, it's Pacific Arena located in Seaside Park. It’s still
Ventura Raceway to me as you look to the grandstands to the right that were once covered.

The pit booth is where all the racers and pit visitors sign in. This pit is easy access to the
grandstands unlike most tracks where you can't go into the pits until the races are over.
You still buy a pit pass during the evening's racing, but can come and go as you like.

The parking lot is dirt and marked with white chalk for making parking rows to keep it orderly.
The pit booth is far right and the start of the multi located pieces of the pits that are laid out like a puzzle.
The pits wander thru the horse barns and have several places to park the haulers.
It takes a bit of meandering to find everyone once they are parked in the many fingers somewhere.

A view from the first turn grandstands overlooking the parking area shows the great ocean view
right there! What a rush as you can watch boats, surfers and people parade in the ocean stage all day.

The view from above the midway where the Wagsdash Chili Feeds happen and the concession stands live.
Beyond that is part of the pits with the barns in the back.

Another great view of the ocean back towards the south and the boardwalk nearby is pretty neat.
What a feeling to just be here if you love the beach!

The passway under the main grandstands going towards the track and main grandstand seatingseating.

Here we are after passing thru and looking up to the press tower. The announcer and promoter, Jim Naylor,
is on the level just above the welcome to Seaside Park sign in open area. The press has the next glassed
level above with the officials above them. On the roof you will find the video guy and sometimes photographers

Another look at the press box in the middle of the main grandstands.

The back of the grandstands viewed from just inside the pit area. The area right behind there is the long Midway area where you will find photos, t-shirts, Thunderhead gear, and many other racing items in addition to food and drink

The back of the newer first turn grandstands that really give you a close up view of the action on the small bullring.

The turn four track entry opening where the cars come at you down the front stretch. Behind that is the track
equipment storage area where you find the grader, water truck, several wreckers and the two
small buildings that house the other
track gear and vehicles.

The track exit is in turn four to the right side of the picture. You go down the back stretch and go out the
opening to the left and back around to the pits.

A view of both entry and exit openings as well as a view of the track itself.

To the left is the path that exits turn three and comes around the outside of the track towards you,
heading back to the pits. To the right around the red k-rail is the entrance opening to the track.

The big wet track early in the day is turn one going into turn two. The front grandstand safety fence is in the foreground.

Here is the infield before hot laps with a few cars lined up.

This is one of the several horse barn parking areas.

And another pit area just outside the big open area behind the grandstands.

Here is the area behind the grandstands with the opening going towards the ocean where a larger pit section is.

Here is Jim Naylor himself with “Brudder Brett”, one of the local characters of the racetrack.