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The new home of the Venard Motorracing team

It's always nice to see good people get what they want and deserve. Buster Venard , his wife Linda and Grandma Rosie have been talking about moving away form the big city life to a more pleasant and rewarding area like ...... Gardnerville, Nevada. When they pulled the trigger in December, their driver, and son Brian and wife Nicol, were about to have a baby, so the transfer of all their worldly goods thru a snow laden route was very interesting, to say the least. They made it and now are fully set up and ready to live life from the country-like territory they call home. Their two boys remained in So Cal, but the race cars will still see some action sooner than later. You have to hand it to them, but they will be missed!

A view of the spacious driveway leading to the yellow house now the Venard Motorsports home. With Buster retiring from the concrete hauling business, now he and Linda and Grandma Rosie can go play when they want to.

The little barnlike building in the back is the new race shop. That is the Mopar powered car.

This is the Mopar car that Marty and Diane still have a part of as it rests until time to race.

The blue chevy powered # 47 sits in it’s own little area wondering where Brian is!

another view of the shop as things are looking like it’s race time!

Another look at what Buster now calls home.

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