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Tony Jones party

The Zanzabuku Lounge planned a get together for Tony Jones and the Alexander team at the new sponsors bar in Lakewood/Long Beach for everybody. I wasn't going to be in town, but after finding a way down the 280 mile road from Las Vegas, I managed to get in a Friday night B Ball game and stayed over for the lounge event. I arrived early knowing I would be leaving by 3 PM to get home for a date with Mrs Wags that night. The event began about 1 PM with a number of people already geared up. The event was also going to do some fundraisers for the team and feed the crowd hot dogs and stuff as the afternoon went along. It was good weather and the bar began to pack up as many stayed outside and visited. It is not often that fans and racers get together in any form of fun, but this was one of those rare times. Everyone had fun as people dropped by and the afternoon ended.

The quiet view when I arrived.

The bar owner, Bob Davidson, poses for me under his sign. He and his wife, Susie, have owned the bar for nearly 4 years. He is a big sprint car fan and decided he wanted to sponsor the Alexander's car and throw a party for them here.

This is a brand new chassis complete with a refreshed motor.

Side view shows the sponsors including Zanzabuku.

A front view. Once it hits the track, it won't be so squeeky clean.

Dave Keller moves by a trio looking at something.

Steve Alexander, in the middle, is very interested in something small. The guy on the left is Bob also and his car got a lot of attention. I think they might be looking at a broken alternator bracket he discovered on his hot rod and was concerned about the drive home.

Bob's hot rod is a fiberglass kit car and he loves it! So do many of us hot rod lovers.

The interior was very nice.

Steve Alexander takes an important call.

Many who came just had to get close to the race car. The Silver Bullet needs a little of that certain beer sponsorship.

Richard Watkins looks over the car.

The area outside got busier as inside it was packed.

The food line was working.

My red beater was next to a newer white model and it was a nice day. Soon, I was on the road.

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