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Rob's Rowdies invade Welchdom!

The annual "Rob's Roudy Feast and Fireworks" event came off as usual with a spectacular display of food of all kinds, including the main course from Lucille's BBQ Restaurant. It included munchies and snacks and deserts and more, topped off by Christophers's birthday cake. There was more as volleyball challenges, basketball games, some encounters of a game called Baggies (or Cornhole if you are from Ohio), beer pong for the young adults, swimming, old people observing and a few cool ones for all was the order of the day.

All kinds of food and drink was consumed by the biggest "Family" gathering I've ever seen at Rob's, but the huge house and majestic grounds that included a real sand volleyball court, a half court Laker purple and gold floored baketball area, a pitching cage that housed other games, an EZ-UP covered table eating area and the beautiful swimming pool allowed continual motion by all. People moved in and out of the house to chow down, grab a drink and head back to the activities outside all afternoon. Volleyball was a key for many as the games went on forever while spectators could hang out under the EZ-UP's with misters spraying away and stay cool in the near 100 degree temps. The pool got a workout as did the many shady areas as the daylight wound down to the nights fireworks finale.

It was after 8 pm when the "gang" gathered out on the volleyball area and some sparklers were seen in the hands of the younger set. Then an Uncle Sam look-a-like (AKA Hunter Welch, my grandson and Rob's nephew) held two flashing lights as the accompaning music began what signified the start of the colorful sky wars. Next came the big deal fireworks bursting in the air shot out of tubes in a facinating rainbow assault on the sky.

Over the years this event has "skyrocketed" from a few shopping bags of various fireworks lit individually in the street in front of the old Welch residence. It took time to get it all fired off and the smaller family crowd of the day enjoyed it. But, today was a well staged professional style display that rivals any shows seen in the area, and was over 20 minutes long with the big boy explosions high above enjoyed by all in attendance. With no breaks, the timed display went on high above and kept the crowd with their head leaned far back to take it all in.

When it all was done, the crowd went back to food and drink until the last straglers left with a smile on their faces. It was a special day and thanks to Rob, his kids, his brothers and sisters and everyone who worked hard to make it happen.

Welcome to the front of Rob's house and driveway.

A little more of the front. The volleyball and other activities were in the two lots to the left of the house.

Cameron starts the camera day with a cutie in tow as the day looks to get very interesting.

The resident Tigers relaxed in the entryway as the crowd came in.

The food was plentiful.

The blond's were plentiful!

The entryway fountain.

Here they come.

Jordan stalking the kitchen

Kitchen action was busy all day

What are we drinking?

Who knows, gimme some ice.


It's a Welch thing.

Oh boy!

By the pool

Two having fun and they said the empties were there when they arrived.

Under the big top.

More fun

Look into the future and these two little guys will probably go to different schools together.

Table for two.

Okay 3

I said, what's up? They said smiles!

Hunter sighting.

Let there be BEER!

I am over here Robert! Louie is having fun!

Food is served by Lucille's

Round ball is fun!

Food line is short.

Fun zone for the little ones beyond the sign.

Huddle up!

Gary sez any takers?

Rob greeting a partygoer.

Girls against the boys, count me in?


Stratedy squared

There's nothing like a blond, or redhead, er maybe it's the bikini!

Game on!

Cory is on the front line.

I lost my church key.

Rob likes volleyball.

Gary's ready to leap?

Four? Oh, I mean serve!


Fun with the misters.

Have a bite of this.

Oh, it's a baby.

Volleyball the game.

Lakers are thinking about a rabbit out of a hat about right now!

The round ball hasn't started yet.

Basketball is played by all ages.

Lucille's is still serving.

Hunter in the baggies tournement.

Must be break time.

Smile you're on ......

Mo Stots and his mom and dad. He killed em' at CSN baseball this past year playing n the team with Cory.

This place reminds you of an italian casino food area.

The volleyball court is straight ahead.

The pool.

Topher and Lorena

Aunt Tina and those two again.

Lorena's mom Yo something and brother Noslin.


family gathering.

Need a little market advice? I'm watching you, watching me!

Which one is the mom?

Here's how it goes, don't bet the favorite!

Louie and Tracie.

Rob's brother Darrel and better half.

Well, half of them are posing?

Jordan and cousin Gary, investment buddies.

Tina, Christopher and Missy

Terry, Lorena and her mom.

Front dining room guests.

Cory looking buff in the crowd.

Tracie and Jordan

The no smoking area wasn't very busy.

Pool action.

Activities are heating up.

Which way to go?

Big smiles from these two beauties.

Gary's all smiles.

My new friend Ken and Maddie with ????

Either way, the are both cute!

Waiting for a game?

Okay here ya go!

Maybe she can play!

Maybe SHE can play?

Christi decides to play!

Robert instructs in Beer pong 101.

These are fast learner's in the game.

Tracie's old boss Nicole.

My sweetheart Grannie Terry

The Tiger lady or Rob's lady Tori.

Hunter must have asked for the keys to the car.

The ladies are discussing what to drink.

Can this lady play?

The shirt!

Time to talk about it?

Time to eat again?

Rob in the kitchen?

Missy and the girls up to something?

Now we got her attention.

Christopher, look over your shoulder!

Topher training "Nos" on grazing the food line.

What's on her mind? Remember she's blond.

That looks like a sign of a doubie is comin'.

Lorena is gone so the boy is workin' it!

Hunter is thinking of someone?

Shall we gather at the river ... er sink!

Tina's having a good time in between her constant cleanup chores.

It's possible to catch one person with their eyes closed but impossible to do two at a time.

Christi and a famous Cage fighter.

Explain the water bottle to the ear by Trevor in this one????

A sleepy bunch!

They are calm now.

Ok, I think the booze is in the bathroom, can you believe it?

Night volleyball anyone?

Which way to the fireworks show?

I got my seat!

Not a cold shoulder but a scary shoulder.

Picture taking for the daughter of the guy who owns the house!

Posing is part of the game for Christi.

I said sparkles for the little ones.

Almost ready!

Pay attention Granny!

Not very good, but here are some of the blasts.

Ok boys, what's up!

What's Louie doing?

Hard to tell

The court of two sisters, ha ha.

Travis, the end!

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