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The familiar logo of Perris Auto Speedway shows well day or night. It signifies you are coming into
one of the finest dirt facilities in the country.

Thee paved parking lot is right off the Perris Blvd road and makes dustless access to the ticket booths easy.

There are two permanent ticket booths with computer created tickets available here.

Once past the entry gate, you walk thru the display area where teams bring their cars for fans to enjoy. Many other
vendor types, Like radio stations and other racing groups will be out here too. The buildings on both sides of the entry way has restrooms on this side and food booths on the other side, with a t-shirt booth and the sports bar occupying the corners facing the track.

A great view of the midway area from high above on the suite level. Great fan/racer visiting area.

A view from my viewing spot shows the front stretch going towards turn four. You can see the flagstand, which is
in the middle of the frontstretch, way to the left.

You are in the maingrandstands looking back towards turn four. The announcers booth and the “special open air suites” overlook the track.

The suites bookend the announcers booth high above the main grandstand

Looking to the right is turn one and those grandstands are where the turn one crazies sit!

The scoreboard shows qualifying times, lap complete the top five in running order and is a clock in the afternoon when we arrive.

The water truck spews out the H2O that makes for a good track

The pit parking lot looking towards the pit pass booth and beyond to the right the entrance to the track.

From outside the track in between turns one and two, this view looks to the back stretch going towards turn three.

from the same spot, looking left to turn one and down the front stretch to the right. The main grandstand rises above the track.

from the entrance/exit opening, you can look back to the left to turn one again.

A closer view looking down the backstretch towards turn three.

A view from the opening towards the infield.

When the Sprinters come to race, there is a tech inspection by officials to make sure the cars have all the safety
gear. They also weigh them to see if they meet the 1200 pound minimum.

Another view of the tech line shows cars as they progress thru it.

A great shot looking thru the pits from turns three/four back towards turns one/two. You come up to the push off area out of the sunken pit area. The pits are 5 feet or so below the track height so fans can see over the haulers.

The turn four pushoff area loads up during the racing night. It is also the X work area during competition.

Don Kazarian is working on the track. They track crew spends a lot of time getting it ready each week.

Under the lights, the scene is awesome with the speed and beauty of showing off for the fans. Here they line up
four wide to salute the fans.

Ronnie the Rocket Case is hot lapping here and has already claimed a lot of mud off other cars.

Mike Kirby doesn’t have any mud on his Glen Corssno owned # 38, yet!

Temecula Valley Pipe & Supply are big sponsors at the PAS. They sponsor the $30,000 to win Oval Nationals among other things.

The winners circle is where all racers want to be. Here, Nelson Steart and Cory Kruseman show off their eagles after winning the Oval Nationals in 2003.

The front view of the souvenir stand.

The side view of the souvenir booth shop has a variety of racing apparel and other stuff for the fans.

Both openings of the souvenir booth makes for east access.

Other booths in the permanent structure include the beer, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream booths.

The sports bar is a recent addition to the track.

The sports bar features inside and outside seating, a big screen TV and several smaller ones for those who want to take a brew break.

The walls have various racing adornments including Cal Smith's front nose piece that has a familiar logo on it!

Scott Deloisio is the track announcer. His smooth tones and wit keep the crowd informed every week.

Kim Donnor, left, and Tanner Watson are the boss at the PAS. Whatever they say goes!

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