The Orange Show Speedway is just off the 215 freeway at Orange Show road in San berdnardino, CA. I have driven by there so many times on my way to Perris, and yet I have never been there and didn't have a clue to where it was. It looks like a home run as the stadium was built back in the late 40's, but the concrete grandstands on both sides are kind of hidden from view by a building framed under both grandstands. Underneath is storage areas, restrooms and concessions in various locations. it looks cool and from my demented figuring mind it looks about the size of Bakersfield, so I know it can handle the sprint cars. The pit area extends from turn two at the street entrance off G street around to almost turn four. It's all paved and access to the track will feature a fire up lane that can keep the push trucks off the racing surface.There will be several hundred truck loads of almost red dirt on the track before the first race and I can't wait for that day!

Scotty and his son Aj ready to get this racing thing going.

Back stretch grandstands

The section far left is the pit grandstands as the pits are behind the backstretch.

The front stretch grandstands is just like the backstretch.

The back stretch grandstands are built on this "building. Underneath is storage, restrooms and some concession stands.

The rest of the backstretch "building".

Inspection area and the scales are right here.

The pits start directly at the scales and wrap around turn 3 outside the track

More pit area

More pit area, all paved, around the turn 3 and four side.

Another look at the frontstretch grandstands with the press box above it.

The scorboard is on the fence between turns one and two. This track has the look of a football stadium. I think I remember Wally Pankratz telling me he might have played football here?

Setting in the grandstand are stadium type seats!

The press box has air conditioning!

The backstretch stands have those little "cubby holes" that once was where midgets pitted.

Looking down the front of the building under the front stretch grandstands

These ramp tunnels are how the fans enter the grandstands except on the ends.

Looking left

and right of the entrance to the stands.

The turn one end of the main grandstand.

The turn two corner of the backstretch grandstand

The ticket booth for the fans

From the main grandstands looking past the ticket booth to the parking lot.

To the left of the ticket booth is a grassy are with tables and some shade to relax before going inside.

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