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Walt Stevens Induction

10/17/09 - This past weekend Walt Stevens was inducted in the NHRA Drag Racing Hall of Fame. The ceremony was held at the Double Tree Inn hotel in Bakersfield with a packed house in attendance. In talking with Walt, he said it was a blast as they presented him with more than a huge trophy for his induction, but also included a helmet painted just like back in his driving days and a NHRA street sign with his name on it among the fun stuff. Walt went on to say the next day he got to do a burnout in the Poachers AAFD and then a half throttle pass complete with chutes at the end, so he had a blast!

He sent me these pics of the banquet, his moments in the 1969 built fuel car and then some of the cars he drove in his racing days. Winning the 1971 Winternationals at Pomona in the Odd Couple twin motored car is one of his career highlights, but there was plenty more in his history. Congratulations Walt! He now is part of the High Speed Motorsports team and their front motored top fuel car.

Walt, in the colorful shirt, with his family as he is inducted into the NHRA Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

An overjoyed Walt with his life time achievement award.

Walt displays the reproduced helmet, a reproduction of the one he used back in the day.

The trophy looks like an NHRA Wally and is very impressive.

Walt looks like he is getting roasted on the podium!

Walt is a happy man as he signals to the crowd his thanks. He said he will never forget it!

Someone who unlike myself did make the ceremony was Art, of Josh Ford's sprint car team, on the right.

Walts new NHRA street sign.

Does this man look happy? Walt sits in the Poachers AAFD cockpit.

Here he is making a fast pass in the beautiful car!

Here are some of the cars he drove from 1964 to 1972 including many different fast ones and one off shore boat for 6 years!

This pass was at OCIR in Orange County, the forerunner of the modern dragstrip with a big tower, nice restrooms, real concession rooms and great grandstands.

This at Lions drag strip, my favorite all time track.

Here Walt sits in the infamous Piranha fuel car.

Here he makes a smokey pass in the unusual drag car.

He makes a run in the Addict AAFD.

Here he sits in the A & W Root Beer car before a pass.

Another gas dragster ride.

He takes a ride in the famous Surfers dragster.

Walt in the Outcast car.

Walt drove the Stahl AAFA here.

Looks like Walt at lions in the Poachers car on a fast run.

Walt drove the Odd Couple gas dragster to many impressive wins, including the 1971 Winternationals. The car had a Chevy in front of a Chrysler motor, thus the name Odd Couple.

Here is a run in the Odd Couple at OCIR. Note the Chevy motor in the rear here.

Here Walt makes a pass at the Winternationals in 1971.

The winning team poses at the Winternationals.

Walt drove off shore boats for 6 years, what a daredevil!

This is Walts dad and uncle in 1940 at Denver.

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