I have been using Timeless for years to create my Wagsdash shirts. They have bent over backwards to give me unique and quality shirts each time. But, there is more behind the covers of this place. I first remember meeting Bobby and his dad, Bob, at Ascot when he was a rookie with the CRA in 1983, a year when he won the rookie of the year award. His career went well as he even tried wing racing for a while. He won the third edition of the Wagsdash, and perhaps the most exciting finish ever, in 1993 at Bakersfield Speedway. He later retired from sprints, tried stockers on pavement, then did a few more sprint runs and finally retired again. In his spare time now, Bobby drives a Ford Focus car for fun and that after he is with his two sons who are involved in various sports.

The Timeless business started in the mid 80’s as Bobby wanted his own t-shirts and they bought a t-shirt screener and it all began. Today they do t-shirts and all kinds of stitching for hats and more. Ceasar is the guy who runs the screening machines and has been with them a long time. They were forced to move their location in June when the shop they were in changed ownership and the rent doubled. The move was just two blocks down the road and now things are back to normal.

Bobby has been doing creative work for years in the shop and even his wife Wendy worked there for a time, but in this time of insurance costs, she was forced to take a corporate job to maximize their coverage. Belita retired and then returned to help out, but spends her time on the phone mostly. This family owned business works hard to get new business and give their customers the best service they can.

First, let’s look at the old shop

Timeless from the front shows the shop to the right in the large opening with offices to the left and upstairs.

The area in front was very busy as they were moving a few blocks away due to new landlord and a big increase in rent.

The t-shirt screening machine is ready to be disassembled and loaded up for travel.

This area has always been the showcase of recent work in the past. The latest items were hung on hangers to compare and admire.

The stitching room features a 6 place stitch machine on the left and a single one on the right in the back.

The many spools of thread in colors beyond the rainbow are ready to be loaded in the machines.

The entry to Belita’s office has some work-in-progress for last years Wagsdash t-shirt.

A collage of family pictures is right by the door.

Awards, pictures and an original Perris schedule are mounted behind Belita’s desk.

Here is her desk. It was moving day!

One of the offices where art work is done by the artists.

Bobby Michnowicz and the hard working Ceasar pose for me. They have already made several trips to the new shop, just a few blocks down the street by this time.

And now the new shop!

The new look doesn’t mention Timeless yet, but here are the new digs.

Belita greets visitors from the front door entry.

This shelving unit has a model Vette on the top shelf plus a Mustang, and if you look close, a picture of Belita and her two grandsons Darrell and Kevin.

Clocks up high in the reception area feature some brew examples.

The design studio is next to the receptionist area where the new creative juices flow. Keep in mind that they aren’t totally settled in yet.

Another computer in the design studio. Looks like a Mac to me.

The big sticher is in place and ready to go.

The new sewing room has the computer all set-up.

On the wall are the gizmo’s that hold the material that will be stitched.

The spools are now in their new location.

The t-shirt screens are burned in here to be placed on the machine that screen prints all the designs we see on race fans.

The screen storage is full of used models. They are reusable.

Entry in the shop from the back overhead door goes straight ahead to the big t-shirt screen machine.

The t shirt machine is installed in doing a job already.

Up above it all are a few t-shirts on display.

The shop was busy while I was there, so I took this shot and headed out to lunch.

When they get totally settled, things will be better even though there isn’t as much room as the old shop.

They are located at 22126 Vewrmont, Suite A, Torrance, Ca. Phone 310-320-5569.

All photos © 2005 Mrs. Wags Photos