Digital Images from Steve Lafond!

Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson

Mike Arthur

Tony Jones and Cody Williams

Greg Bragg and Steve lafond

Greg Bragg and Steve lafond

Gregg Brag

Bret Camarillo

Harlan Willis and Cory's girls

Cody Kershaw

Jimmy Crawford

Austin Williams

Cadilac Cody getting on his head

Austin Williams and Matt Mitchell


Pit grandstand

Drivers lament

Mike English

Mike English and Lynn Anderson

Tony Everhart

Jim Fargo

Bob Ferro

Josh Ford

Ronnie Gardner

Rickie Gaunt

Gasman and Wags

Gasman and Wags

The gasman and the Wags

Scott Hansen

Rick Hendrix

Johnathan Henry

Johnathan Henry and Kenny Perkins

Dennis Howell Jr

Dennis Howell Jr

Dennis Howell Jr

Tony Jones

Tony Jones

Cody Kershaw and Rick Hendrix

The Kruseman winning team

The Wags

Dennis Rodriguez

Cory Kruseman

Cory Kruseman

Cory Kruseman celebrates

Cory Kruseman and his girls

Bobby Michnowicz

Bobby Michnowicz

Brody Roa, Cory Kruseman and Bobby Michnowicz

Matt Mitchell

Markus Neinela and Rick Hendrix


Kenny Perkins

Brody Roa in the winners circle

Brody Roa and the crowd

Brody Roa and the Gasman

Brody Roa celebrating with the Gasman

Brody Roa and his trophy

Brody Roa and family

Brody Roa

Brody Roa

Brody Roa and a crowd of Wagtimers

Brody Roa and his dad Bret

Cory Kruseman

cory Kruseman and Austin Williams

Troy Rutherford and Johnathan Henry

Rip williams

Danny Sheridan

Richard, the Wags and Brody Roa

Danny Sheridan and Brody Roa

Cal Smith

Kyle Smith and Cody Kershaw

Mike Spencer

Mike Spencer and Danny Sheridan

Steve Stasa

Stubby Dils

Mrs Wags, Doug and Peggy Allan

Brandon Thomson

Brandon Thomson

Branden Thomson and Brody Roa

Tony Jones, Cory Kruseman and Mike Spencer

Kaitee and dad Greg Bragg and Wags

Kaitee and dad Greg Bragg with Tom Sertich and Wags

Chris Wakim

Jerry Welton

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