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Kacie and Danny nuptials - a rockin' celebration

Kacie and Danny getting married was a MAJOR event for them and their families, and a wonderful start into the future of the shining Sheridan crest. The fun started with his and her immediate families, and then spilled into the big racing family for the love and support that bubbled over on September 12th somewhere in the middle of California. The location of the wedding was the Homes and Gardens style Sheridan home of Danny’s mom and dad, Lori and Rich, in a beautiful wooded estate outside Nipomo, Ca, just north of Santa Maria. This palatial palace was already beautiful before this event, with a Garden of Eden surrounding the home like you haven't seen anywhere. On this day the addition of a simple decorated arch with a backdrop of tall trees where the couple would be united, plus chairs and tables and a DJ area with music for the festive day and of course a bar, and not to mention classy rolling restrooms, for the patrons coming to celebrate.

The sunflower motif accompanied with a brown color theme made the wedding autitorium area an open air cornucopia with blazing colors of the outdoors, and was a fitting scene for the lovely Kacie and her groom Danny’s nuptials. The area surrounding the back of the house is a culmination of different areas of comfort and beauty that is unlike any home I have ever seen. The whole block could have stolen different parts of the back yard and increased the look of their own homes. In fact Mrs Wags wasn’t there 10 minutes before she let me know the yard guy she had been talking to recently could make our own tiny back yard more spectacular, and that’s what the Sheridan estate is, spectacular! Yes, and even more so with the look and feel of the wedding about to happen! The unique separate areas all around the large property featured rock, grass, wrought iron, a bridge walkway, seating areas and plenty of plants that make it like a very private garden, so peaceful and serene, it was a perfect place for a wedding. That it was for the lovely Kacie and her groom Showtime. It had to be perfect for them, and it was! You felt you were outside waiting for Clark Gable and his bride to drop by in a horse drawn carriage; it was not of this world.

The day began well before we arrived, in fact I am sure the principle parties planning and getting ready for this amazing event went back a ways, but upon getting out of our Shiosaki "limo" driven by "John", we could see the spacious widely spaced block of ritzy ranch style homes laid out so appealing. It looked like we were coming to the Ponderosa and Hoss and Little Joe were greeting us. The cowboy cooks had lined up their barbeque pits in the street in front of the Sheridan home with the smoke already signaling the food was cooking. Also, both sides of the street were lined with cars. It was obvious something important was going on.

Entering the wedding enriched back yard, there were people in activity mode moving everything into place. The decorated wedding arch was ready for action. Facing that area was two sections of white chairs ready to transport the sitting attendees into the ceremony when it began the romantic moments soon. The bar was next to the music area where a DJ would burst music all evening until the 11 pm curfew, just like at the races! Tables for snacks and a full-on feed were ready and the many magnums’ of wine and keg of beer awaited the big gathering that came to experience a unique display of love and affection for now and into the Sheridan future. The crowd got right into it as glasses of merriment were being enjoyed by most as they wandered around and checked out the scene. The groom and his best men wore brown tuxes and the bride looked glorious in white with her Bride's Maid's in pretty blue finery that made the pageantry complete. The crowd dress was mixed from casual to somewhat dressy, but no racing t-shirts, surprise! Smiles abound as everyone visited and were ready to see the rituals unfold.

The minister was a soccer coach and much more, but he also had a sense of humor as he plied his trade in marrying this pair. He had asked Danny if he knew a Danny Sullivan and had slipped up using that name on purpose a couple of times. The warm joining of the two special people was quick and proper. The look of love was in the air as they joined hands, locking eyes and became Mr. and Mrs Sheridan before the real celebrating began.

The cameraman taking pictures of the wedding was busy when we arrived and worked at it well into the evening. Personally, I don’t know how they will be able to pick the important shots as I bet he took hundreds and hundreds of shots. Other camera’s, including Mrs Wags own version, were going off and it would be interesting to see all those taken. One of the bride’s ladies who was named Maria, was seen taking self pics of her and some of the good looking male guests together. Not me of course, but she was having a ball with her camera and a smile! The bar was rockin’ and the food was served soon after the ceremony. I heard the famous and nearby Jocko’s that we all eat at often during racing trips was responsible. There was tri-tip, shrimp, bread, ravioli, fruit, ribs, and way more than you could eat, prepared for the crowd that I would estimate at well over 100 who dug in.

The tribute time was eye watering for some as words of joy, good luck, and happiness were passed around, you could feel the love in the air. The jousts by the men at Danny were humorous and fitting I suppose, but the congratulations and best wishes were unanimous from everyone. Even Danny’s son Blake was dressed to kill and he participated in the wedding before hitting the swings down below in the back yard and doing what kids do, get down and very dirty paying hard in his new duds. Danny’s emotional thank you to his parents, the cooks, the workers, his and her family and the race family and other friends in attendance was warm and from the heart. He was happy in the moment and probably a little amazed by it all. After all, it was all about him and Kacie on this day and not about anything else.

As the evening progressed, the darkness appeared, the DJ light show began, the wine and beer disappeared and the crowd got festive and hit the dance floor. They had moves my bride and I could only admire from afar as they got down and dirty with the music of choice. Just about everybody got into the action as I learned from young to older than me were obsessed with shaking their booty. Our hosts Lori and Rich were out there boogying it up with Lori doing a lively stepping number with a partner she wore out totally before she was done with him. Even Lori’s mom Dorothy, who admitted to being over 80, was high stepping it on the dance floor.

It was an honor to be invited to share a very private and special time for the two good looking young people. If they look at each other like that every day, there is no end to their happiness in the future, as the blessed years roll on. I know personally what happiness is like and I recommend it to all.

To Rich & Lori, a marvelous job done by you and all your helpers, it was as good as it gets and you should be proud for making it happen. To all who worked and provided for the affair, congratulations, you all hit a home run, as we the crowd had a ball. To Danny and Kacie, the best to you both, it was a rousing start, and the future is so bright.

As the newly wedded pair took off for a short honeymoon in San Francisco the next morning, at least that’s where they said they were going just to have fun, we know the fun life together is just starting for them. As for the rest of us, most were up and having breakfast together in the morning, except we were on the road earlier for the 7 hour trip back to paradise, er Las Vegas, and the memories remain. We were very happy to be included. And to Kacie, your wedding present is me finally spelling your name right! The following is Mrs Wags view of it all.

The Sheridan back yard "Garden of Eden" is special. I won't try to explain all they have done, so see for yourself!





And to think Rich and Lori did all this by themselves. Can they come and stay with me for a few weeks, Terry wants our back yard to look like this.

The wedding arch was very nice.

This is a water fountain!


Picture yourself at the bar and Jimbo and Randy are ignoring you. For good cause, they haven't got the keg of beer hooked up yet!

There is a bartender now behind the bar and Jimbo and Randy are where they belong, ordering drinks.

Before the ceremony all is well.

Almost ready to go. Sit down!

Mr and Mrs Danny Sheridan!!!! It was brief and very nice.

More view of the area.


Julie relaxing and having a bite.

Fran up to her hyjinks.

A dapper Jim Herdrich is having fun.

Jimbo started out having a ball right away. Note the snacks in his pocket, in case he got hungry.

The bride and groom return from more picture taking.

Toasting time as Brent gets it rolling!

The lovely Kacie and her girls laughing at a funny.

Rich, right, and Randy, left, wait their turn to roast Showtime.

Danny's son Blake gets in a little burst himself.

They KISS!

Danny's sister Kelly on the right and the cute crazy lady Maria on the left. She was taking her picture with the boys later without any help.

Rich made a comment to Kacie, now he is trying to talk his way out of it!

Danny's mom Lori gave her thoughts!

The couple listening to the fun. It was all about them, as it should be!

One of Danny's best friends Brent. He cooks chicken and tri tip at Santa Maria races for the Kittle Motrosports Krew.

Danny's cousin.

Danny, wake up and speak.

Randy and Julie, a lovely couple themselves, having a good time.

Danny and some grey haired old guy.

Kacie with a dirty old man, Jim.

Brent and his wife Nikki.

Danny and Flo, er Fran!

Steve and his wife Rosemary.

Dennis Sr and wife Mary Anne.

Paul and his lady Rose.

Looks like Danny is enjoying his wedding cake courtesy of Kacie. Good shot.

Got some for me big boy? He did Ok, as they both came out smiling after this battle.

Flo (Fran) and Sharon bookend some old prospector from gold country. He just came in from out of the cold!

Jim and John Lord

And she said "let's renew our vows", and he said "done deal".

Randy gives Wags a big smile.

Jim and Fran with John.

Jeff and Sharon hawking attention, well at least not Jeff as he is the quiet one of the pair.

Sharon and her best friend Flo...........

Lori and Nancy doing the bump.

Brian & Chris Kittle.

Kacie and her grandparents?

Danny and Kacie

And the dance of love.

Blake dances with dad and grandma.

This little guy, Kade who is Danny's nephew, was better than some of the older folks on the dance floor.

Chris and Julie watching the Herdrich's at work.

Hand slapping makes it a "country ho down", right?

I don't know, it must be that new dance "the sky is falling".

Jimbo is still going, like the ever ready battery bunny. He did miss breakfast though?

Ralph and Nancy get down!

The subject? Probably stagger, as in some of these dancers were really staggering!

How does that song go "2 for you and 2 for me, and everything will be fine, baby!" Fran and Julie doing it up.

Steve, Dennis Sr and Rosemary. Only Rosemary looks like she is jammin' it up.

They are dancing! Chris and Brian, go go go!

Sharon finally caught Jeff alone!

Danny's cute sister Kelly with her son Kade?

Laurie's mom Dorothy never was on the internet before, but she was anxious for it to happen.

Jim and Carson, Brian and Gary Kittle's father!

Dorothy and Kacie visit with Janice, Lori's sister.

Danny and Kacie doing the mamba. Maybe not!

Dorothy and Janice still having a ball.

Here's Chad! Son of Nancy and Ralph. And a valued Krewman on the Kittle Motorsports team.

Here's Dennis "the Menace" Howell giving Wags a story.

Here he is smiling for the camera.

It's a hold-up!!!! No, it's just the YMCA song playing the crowd into a frenzy.

Bruce, Dorothy and Randy chatting about a funny story. When Dorothy met Bruce brome Jr, she asked what he did. He said he was Danny's competitor. Her next question, "why did he invite you?" Yahoo!

Looks like Chad is dancing it up with two ladies. Double your pleasure, double your fun!

You can always tell a good party by how much good food and booze there is. There was more than plenty of both and it was all good!

As the 11 pm bewitching hour (curfew) neared, Dennis was dancing with this very cute girl. It's the last we saw of him until we left the party. Everyone say good night all!

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