Digital Images from Ellen Ellis!
Ellen Ellis's WAGSDASH

Jim Fargo & Marilyn Griffith

Fran & Jim Herdrich

Tracie & Fran at the golf Dinner.

Fran and Jim in wonder over a birthday present from Fargo.

Wags says thanks for the classic and what it will bring to the Wagsdash.

I have no clue, but Darleen is about to tell me.

Jim pays for the midget he got in the auction and turned over to Fran.

Jimmy Crawford talks with Linda.

Sonia and Tracie are ready to leave.

The Wagtimes booth.

More booth action getting ready.

Getting the buckets of drinks ready.

Braden and Bethany

The Bruce bromme sign goes up over the midway. Naylor made it!

Pit booth traffic was heavy early.

Jack Gardner Sr and Evelyn Pratt have a conversation. Their talks can go back farther than ours.

Jimmy Oskie, JOhn Redican and Mrs Wags in a conversation. They can go back a ways, too!

Chris Holt interviews Bruce and Barbara.

Danny Sheridan walks his son Blake off the podium.

Sexy drivers everywhere.

Alan Ballard smiles as he hi-jacked someone's kid. Kinda lookes like Blake.

The end of the contest was fun.

Track action.

Track action

More Track stuff


Wags on a wild toad ride.

The winner.

Sexy drivers.

Pat, Mrs Wags and Korie.

More booth

Wags, Mrs Wags and Darleen up to something.

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