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Darleen at Wagsdash 18

This is the start of our Calistoga/Wagsdash trip. We drove up to Darleen and STubby's to spend the night and get in our first visit in 13 years in Menden, Nevada where they live. Tina joined us for dinner.

After dinner we sat out on the patio looking at soe old programs Darleen had.

Stubby and Darleen.

The Wags look like they love each other... !!!

Now we are at Smart and Final shopping for Wagsdash goodies. The Wagtimers overwhelmed the store and Tracie Johnson got us a nice discount.

Golf Banquet dinner.

Steve & Korie Lafond and Chuck Fry, aka Chucko.

Jim and Marilyn

Jim and Fran

Joe & Ellen

Pat & Norm

Krista and David

John and Sonia

Tracie and Gerry

Mrs Wags and Linda

Jimmy Crawford

Kevin Kierce

Tony Jones

Jim Fargo gave Fran a birthday present.

Fran gave Jim a hug.


Jim Fargo got a new hat.

Tom Toutz gives the team winners a trophy.

Fran, Lois and JUlie havin' fun?

Sonia and Pat

Stubby and Joe

Steve and Korie walk the line.

The Wagtimes booth is ready.

Mike Clark

Chucko and Steve hang with several.

Dennis Rodriguez

Stephan Pettegrew

Jim and Marilyn

Sprint car cookies fo rthe bake sale made by Dennis Rodriguez wife.

Steve, Korie, Joe and Ellen.

Tracie and Gerry

Lee Ann and Wags

Wagtimes workers at work.

Bethany and Mrs Wags

Chucko, Joe, Ellen, Steve and Korie.

Stubby and Pat playing with water bottles. Did somebody get wet?

Wagtimes workers at the pit sign in booth.

Julie gets a new wristband.

Wags directing traffic .... on the phone.

The Wags group photo. Yes Mike, you're in it!

The antiques are in the house.

Wagtimes lunch group.

Hobie and the mystery winner.

John Redican and Chris Holt visit with the Wags.

Mrs Wags with some former work friends and their wives.

The chili serving is an art.

Bruce Bromme Jr, Chris Holt and Wags.

Tom and Laurie Sertich.

Marty and Diane

Lee Ann and Pat

Cal Smith

Evelyn Pratt

Mike English

Jimmy Oskie

Danny Sheridan and Ellen

The Bruce Douglass crew after winning the Pit Stop COntest.

Steve and Mike

Mrs Wags and Cat a long time race fan.

Danny Sheridan

Darleen poses with Rip Williams and Mike English, two of her favorite drivers.

John Redican, Jimmy Oskie and Bruce Fischer.

Bruce and Ellen

Chris Holt interviews Barbara Thompson while Bruce Bromme Jr looks on.

Liar's bench.

Liar drivers

Liar judges

The Victors

The spectators include Mr Kierce.

My neighbor showed up. JR, his wife Liz and a friend Bobby. Long trip for some chili.

Mike English and Rip Williams

Blake Miller

Work on Krazy Kinney's car is going on.

Mike Nigh and Rich get happy.

Tom Downing

Bruce Douglass

The Trophy City created Wagsdash trophy!

Cookie Sales got $350.

Joe the man comes in from way off to go racing.

Rich Chesavage

Rick Hendrix

Josh Ford

Danny Sheridan's crew at the ready.

The black cars of Cody and Ripper get ready to go play.

Don Flanders made it over $1000 in the Lafond Jar.

Walt James

Pat and Dj?????

Biggie, Rip and Mike in hte grandstands watching the action.

Just like old times with Cory and Harlan together after a big win.

Rick Hendricks jpoins a likely pair.

Ashley gets her shirt autographed by her heartthrob Cody.

Bobby Michnowicz after he got the Lafond Jar of $1030.

Steve and Mrs Wags at breakfast.

Jim and Marilyn

Krista and David

Lee Ann and Pat

Fran and Jim

Joe and Ellen

Tracie and Gerry

John and SOnia

Stubby and Darleen

Lois Ward

Pat and Norm


Steve and Mrs Wags with his ner "grabber".

Jim and Marilyn

The last laugh.

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