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The trip North and South

On the trip to Menden, we saw a lot a lot of great scenery.

More on the windy road into California.

I thought rocky road was an ice cream flavor.

By now Mrs Wags stomach was doing the two step. She said it stayed with her for several days. I admit, I am glad I was driving as these types of roads are upsetting to my system as well.

The California trees appear.

It was pretty, but later I was told I took the wrong road. It all worked out.

More winding two laners.

Were coming out of it and soon were in Bishop where we had the good barbeque.

The home of Darleen and Stubby Dils out in the country in Menden, Nevada.

The front yard has plenty of green.

Unloading the van for an overnight stay.

Their dog Sprinter was attentive.

Stubby and Darleen on their front porch. The have those out of California.

Wags relaxing.

Were at Calistoga now and Mary Sower works the wine tasting booth selling the glasses.

Mary and her daughter-in-law Heather working?

The area out front of the grandstand was very busy.

Jimmy Sills in the autograph area.

Jimmy Oskie showed up in Calistoga with Marsha. There must have been a barbeque near by.

Rip Williams out front. I forgot to ask if he had run here.

Jason York's car in the covered area outside the track.

It is very scenic at this racetrack.

Even the infield is pretty.

The right side of the track scene.

Baylands Frank stayed at the Barber's place as did we, and here is his daily rider. It is a Honda 1000 fast one.

The front of the Barber's home in Petaluma.

The road to Calistoga is very green and tunnely. Is that a word?

Danny Sheridan's ride getting a once over.

Danny talks with Wags.

Now were on to the Lafond's home in Campbell.

Ever wear a UCLA shirt in Cal Bear territory? I didn't even think about it.

The Lafond's two doggies are watching something.

Look at thos eyes, so blue.

The history of Mo is here. The beloved dog is gone, but not forgotten.

Kim and Steve in their remodeled kitchen.

Lee Ann and Pat Normoyle took Terry and I to Santa Cruz!

boats in any scene like this are so relaxing looking to me.

Check it out. Neat!

We ate at the Corw's nest on the water. Neat again.

There is an upstairs outside patio.

Lighthouses are appealing, but my most remembered stories are about the rough weather around them.

Now we are southbound above Ventura and the pretty beaches.

I miss the ocean and the beauty surrounding it.

Now it's Friday morning at the golf tourney.

Wags in charge of the putting tournement.

The golf course has some nice big houses boardering it.

Tony Jones gave the Wagsdash his support by being the only CRA driver to play in the tournament.

Scotty and brother Verne enjoyed the day.

Now it's Smart and FInal time. You haven't lived until you have gone shopping for Mrs Wags Chili Feed with a dozen Wagtimers.

Keep shopping!

Did you see where Wags went?

Check out time!

What are Pat and Darleen up to?

All right, load em' up.

The Thrashers are always ready for the Wagsdash.

Breakfast after the big day.

The famous Wagtimer's. My thanks to you all!

We are almost home dear.

Getting closer.

It looks familiar. I think were here. It's Vegas Baby! did you see that?

Wow! Let's do it!

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