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The last Manzy trip with no raicng

The Lone Star Steakhouse feed included Ben, Mark, Janelle and Kaitlin Thrasher, John Cooper, JD Cormack and Jeff and Carrie McSpadden.

Mark & Janelle.

Jim & Fran and Bethany and Ben.

Joe & Ellen, Tory and Wags.

Marv and Shery, Joe, Ellen and Tory.

Carrie and Jeff.

Zack the waiter. We didn't get the cute girl who helped him, but she promised to go to the races.

One of our favorite eating places was lunch on Saturday before the rainout was announced.

Here are sme pics of a driving tour thru Tempe.

The ASU basketball arena.

Three student girls trying to find dates?

The ASU logo. They will miss talented James Harden next year as he turns pro and leaves their basketball team. They beat my Bruins twice.

The ASU football stadium.

The Transportation Center? See Mrs Wags below taking the picture?

This girl demonstrated something out of the past the occupants of the car noticed. You'll have to ask Mrs Wags.

Traveling along the popular hang out area, we cross Mill Street and see a brewery for the college students. I wonder if they drink Beer?

All along Mill Street are many shops and eateries and lots of people.

More shops.


The big dogs wait while the little carnivors eat.

A skyscraper in the area.

Some parking on the back side of Mill Street.

The Depot Cantina where you can get $2 XX beer all day, every day!

The sign over Monti's Steakhouse. This place has been there a long time and was the place of some of our dinners over the years here. It is an Adobe building with at least 20 dining rooms, so extremely large! The food is reasonable and good.

The front door. The place is located at the end of Mill Street just before you go across the small "river".

And here we are going across this same waterway.

This area below the bridge is a "beach" where lots of music, drinking and fun can be had. It looked pretty popular.

We are coming back across the bridge on Mill street and there is Monti's again.

Mill Street has some trees and places to relax. The misters come on when it gets hot.

An "older guy" bikes down the street? He wasn't a student. The small sign says potions, I wonder what that means?

Some kind of Arts and stuff building, I think.

Now we are off the tram and heading to the D'backs/Dodgers game!!!

chase Field where the D'backs play.

More Chase Field.

One of the entry ways to the ball park.

The ticket windows.

Kind of an outdoor beer bar along the front area of the stadium. Mrs Wags missed the cuties that were serving beer. They were "hanging out" all over the place.

The express gate entrance we took.

There was no mystery on ticket prices. You could quickly see which ones were too much.

Wags and Tory at a ballgame together again.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Our view from the right field side.

There is the strikout Cirkle K logo that they used when the Dodgers struck out. I didn't think that was funny.

The batting cage at home plate.

The right field stands where Hudson hit his home run.

There was a lot of blue down there as the Dodger players came by and autographed stuff for the fans.

A massive scoreboard.

The MLB scores were posted here.

The roof kept us dry.

The Dodger lineup.

The Dodger catcher Russell Martin warming up.

Andre Ethier signs for the fans.

The march to the bullpen. The pool is right behind the wall on the right.

The taco race???????

Now, the long ride home while the race went on under sunny Easter skies.

A winding road in the Arizona desert?

You want precariously placed rocks? And how did they get that way?



Does that look like a Starwars stormtrooper helmet?

Eroded dirt pattens are neat.

A view.

And at last almost home and Tory and Isabell are having Easter fun at uncle Rob's house.

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