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2007 USAC/CRA banquet

Greg Staab comes from the national USAC headquarters to enjoy the banquet.

From the right Silvia Watkins, Ray Stansberry and Mrs Chris Morgan.

Richard Watkins lost without reason.

David and Danita having fun.

SCRAfan Lance and Larry Henry.

Lance's mom and Sabina and sister Lori.

Wally Pankratz and daughter.

The banquet room.

Brian Kittle watches over Scott Deloisio, Chris Holt and Tim Kennedy.

Jim Naylor, Jay Agaganian and Scott Deloisio.

Garrett Hanson and his sister.

Danny Sheridan and the number 1 fan Shawn McDonald have a beer.

Jimbo with a new hat. Forget the bread came in it, this works.

Scotty Weir making his last appearance on the coast. He will be driving in Indiana full time next year. He says he needs to race more and that's hwere they do.

David Cardey getting his rewards.

SteveO' gets in a few choice words.

Danny Sheridan and his car owners Kris and Brian Kittle.

Runner-up in championship points was Mike Spencer.

Tony Jones and car owner Mark Alexander.

Two of Tony Jones crew having a good time.

One of Tony Jones sponsors Narcy and wife Marty Ferreira

Dave Keller and Carol having fun.

Tony and Tammy Jones.

Evelyn Prattat her umpteenth banquet.

Glenn Crossno had plenty to smile at at the banquet with several drivers gettign attention.

Julie Shiosaki and Greg Staab.

Steve and Shelley Ostling.

Steve Howard.

Vivian and Jerry Crowell.

Scotty Weir and Megan say good night!

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