Digital Images from Mrs. Wags!
Mrs Wags does Canyon

Jimbo caught working by Mrs Wags

Wandering the pits

Nick Aiuto

Many of the companion 360's

Ronnie CLark # 6

Levi Jones

Glenn Crossno, Levi Jones with Miss Ellen and her calendar sales.

Davy Jones poses

Ellen still hustling

Ellen and Bob Ream Jr

Randy Shiosaki relaxes.

Paul Dean on a roll!

From the serious Danny Sheridan to the intersting Jimbo

Paul and Jimbo looking at the hammered rear end from Friday night.

Hi I am Randy!

Sammy Bahr our CRA official.

CRA official Beezer talking to a driver.

CRA official JJ smiling for Mrs Wags

Levi Jones National USAC Champion before he went off on the track.

Julie and Shelley at workin front of the BIG USAC trailer.

Ellen again doing her thing

Jon Stanbrough

More JS

Brian Clauson

Pit Meeting

More PM

Damion Gardner

Steve Ostling in between officiating

Rickie Gaunt posing as Batman?

Rroupip Williams surrounded as he gets ready to race.

Cody Williams and Jack Jory

Dean Mills the "Raiderman".

Rip Williams smiles. I think he is having a lot of fun racing with his boys.

The Damion Gardner group

Brian Hosford

Ellen for years has been handing out pictures to drivers. It was hard doing that and selling Wagtimes Calendars.

# 17

Bob Ream Jr

Michael Tanaka pushes Mike Spencer

Nick Aiuto

Jon Stanbrough

Tony Everhart

Danny Sheridan

Vinnie and Damion having a smile

Tom Ogle

Dean Mills, jeff McSpadden and Big Steve!

Ron $human

Wags and Kim Toops

Joe and Ellen Ellis

Lealand McSpadden and the Wags

Lealand poses with Mrs Wags and Wags. The End.

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