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15th annual Wagsdash

The chili cooking is always an experience, especially for a first timer. Jim Fargo brought Marilyn Griffith for her first time with the Wagtimers at chili time.

Jim Fargo tests the chili after some seasoning tips he passed on to the group.

Norm Bogan tests a little.

Marilyn takes a break.

Is it lit yet?

After the chili was ready, We had a group shot!

At dinner we had a small crowd at a more quiet locating at Pirates Grog and whatever. Good meal with Jim & Marilyn here posing.

Norm, Jim and Marilyn.

Fun for the whole gang at dinner with Mark, Joy, Ellen and Joe.

The traditional after dinner place for the Friday night follies.

Ice cream always hits the spot!

Sonia Bandy working in the booth that drives her crazy. So much happens that she has to watch, plus keep everyone in line and make sure my stuff is OK.

When you are absolutely without a way to get your mule to Ventura, call U Haul. Wait for my story on this one in the Wagtimes newsletter if I ever write it.

Tracey and Krista’s boyfriend, David, are working during set-up.

Jim Fargo and Marilyn Griffith all ready for action. It was her first Wagsdash.

Tracey’s son, Jeff, sits in the back of the U Haul after it was nearly unloaded.

The welcome sign from JN Design’s flew high over the midway all event.

Kari gets the t-shirts in order for sale.

Two little devils working on the bake sale. I missed out as I never got to light long enough to eat any.

The booth is getting near to ready as Ron Chaffin looks at an item and the last polka dot flag goes up.

A lot of red over there.

Thunderhead and other booths getting together.

The feeding table is about ready for biz.

Jeff and Derrick carry the ice for keeping the drinks cold.

David and Tracey finish icing down the drinks.

Krista is another little devil with the Wagtimer’s.

The auction items are on the table for bidding.

Thunderhead Tom is in his booth. Tom is always ready to help and got us the band this year.

Gene Ingram and his wife Regine operate the “cover me up” R & R Blanket booth. They give a scarf to the winner of each race.

Here is Regine. If you need blankets, here is her e-mail or call her at 818-249-7474.

The food line is busy when the chili arrived.

USAC official Jeff Vaca looks it all over.

The Seaside Wags Grill open for biz.

A view from the top of the grandstands.

The view of the parking lot early on.

Here is the perfect track made ready. Thanks Jim, they say it was the best one yet!

Another view showing the back of the main grandstands.

here they are, that rare old iron everyone loves. Thanks to Walt James and his band of merry car owners who take the time to show off the beautiful cars. They actually got three of them on the track this year, and that is news.

More of the pretty cars.

It is pretty in purple.

Boy my Mule sure makes my time easier!

There was an Elvis sighting as Chris Holt began the Sexy Driver contest.

Here he is, it’s Elvis.

Elvis meets Mrs Wags.

Brother Brett is in there somewhere.

Mrs Wags wonders what happened?

Jon Stanbrough was a good sport, not having a clue to what we were doing.

Josh Ford was still celebrating his first win!

Kevin Kierce is up for anything.

Now who is talking with Chris? Could that be ………Evelyn?

No, maybe it’s her sister! Or Danny Sheridan’s sister maybe.

Luis Espinoza gets it going. He made the main.

Ronnie Case makes his appearance.

Tom, it’s not a Buddah contest!

Here comes the main event winner with a big smile. It got bigger later.

Mark Heidenreich gives the crowd a big smile.

R. J. Johnson does his thing.

Evelyn meets Elvis.

Danny and Evelyn.

One more for the books.

The winners and sexiest of them all!

The winner R.J. with a smile. He won because he collected more money than anyone else.

Looks like another t-shirt contestant, eh SteveO!JOn was a trooper coming to the dash and joining in the fun. He had a great run in the feature, too!

The Tom Stansberry team at work in the pit stop competition.

Matt Stewart team hustling! They later won the best appearing team trophy.

Mike Truex is taping away as the winner of the pit stop bwon by one second. Congratulations to Kevin Kierce and his young crew.

Tony Jones wife, Tammy, with their daughter Abigail and son Grady having fun.

This guy looks like he is dressed for the circus.

The Kierce winning pit stop contest team.

Parnelli signed autographs forever. Here the Wags family join him for a photo op.

Parnelli worked hard all afternoon visiting and signing.

Krista and cousin Derrick do the chili serving.

Ray Vodden always comes to the dash with his buddy Don Read.

And here he is ready to have fun.

Another shot of the crowd.

Rose Smith of Ripper’s crew.

Fred & Sharon, parents of Carri Kruseman, are in the house.

Another pit meeting.

Matt Stewart sits alone listening to the pit meeting.

More pit news imparted to the large crowd.

Julie and Terri, the USC twins, work hard for the racers.

Father and son Cliff and Chris, talk to the boys.

Josh Ford appears to be catching a nap here.

Rickie teaching young RJ some trick perhaps?

What a smile from photographer and sometimes sprint car driver, Christine

The Travis Nelson band with Ronnie Case’s girlfriend Patti as the lead singer.

More of the band as they played form 4 pm to 5 pm.

Matt Stewart’s number 85 at rest.

The Wagsdash champion Gardner built, Keller owned 5X of Blake Miller. He will be a rookie with USAC/CRA next year in this car.

Eric Severson poses by his newly rebuilt car.

Parnelli Jones presents winners check to Alan Ballard.

Big smiles here.

Parnelli poses with Damion Gardner.

Parnelli and Showtime Sheridan.

Blake is interviewed by Chris Holt.

Another winner shot.

Blake with Parnelli and his Grandpa Miller.

J Hicks and car owner Dave Miller, Tom Roberts and Mark Spivey pose without team member Joe Clifton.

Parnelli Jones with the podium three of the 15th annual Wagsdash, Ryan Devitt, Blake Miller, Parnelli and J Hicks.

The best appearing crew was Matt Stewart’s team.

RJ Johnson accepts the Rimmer Long Tow Award.

J Hicks won the Lafond Jar of change and $337 with his 13th to 2nd.

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