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Ventura CRA

From high up on the hill looking down to the scenic Ventura seashore, it is amazing.

Terry said smile?

The Dwarfs were the only other class running tonight and that is very unusual.

Ron Bach was out racing his own car.

Jimbo is still working in the pits like always, but looks out of sinc to me since the Kittle Motorsports # 18 was parked. He is doing the same old stuff, but .................

A view down one of the fingers of the pits.

Mike Truex stops to visit with the old dog Wags

Jimmy May had his hands full with 3 cars running.

The new white look of Matt Mitchell's car.

Marcus Neimela's ride, one of three # 73's from Ford Motorsports this week.

Dwight Cheney and the Wags in confab.

Nick Mitchell talking with video guy Mike Truex.

The 3 # 73's with Nic Faas, Ryan Bernal and Marcus Niemela the drivers.

Wags in the shot with Jimmy may and one of his drivers Marcus, just hanging.

Lance Jennings up to no good in the pits.

An old friend Gale Forester who still gets out to the racing these days.

Ryan Bernal was added to the Ford team for the week. It is temorary, but he did well with a 4th place finish as he ran hard. He has had a hard time finding that perfect ride as this was at least his 3rd different car he has run so far. Such talent doesn't just happen so I hope he grabs a weekly ride to grow more in.

The Gansen boys ran tonight with Chris and Don running 13th and 14th in that order.

Jake Swanson had a good night with fast time, 2nd in his heat and 3rd in the main in the Moosemobile.

This is Youmi Hendrix posing as Rick was off to the drivers meeting. She is his only crewman. He had a flat and finished 16th after an incident on the track.

Kyle Smith made the main and ran 11th!

Austin DeBlauw (17th) and Brian Camarillo (10th) parked before the night started

A pit view around the Williams clan.

The pit meeting action

Naylor's barn where storage is king.

Mrs Wags catches Brudder Bret resting by the water filler place.

The Williams boys nearly ready to rock n' roll!

Wally "I am the oldest main event runner ever" Pankratz had a little tommy tipover in the main finishing 19th.

Austin Williams

Brody Roa changed from the green monster colors to the reproduction of his dad's colors when Brett drove his # 84 car back in the day.

The Springstead cars of J J Ercse (14) and Cody Swanson (36) ready to go. J J was taken out in a shuffle in the Semi and Cody had one of those end over end flips down the front stretch in his heat that ended his night.

The car of Charlie Butcher which didn't get in a time.

Richie Gaunt ran the 66 car this week and ran 6th.

Cody Majors ran and just missed the main.

Brandon Thomson finished one spot from the main in the semi.

Cody Williams # 44 gets another look..

Dennis Rodriguez and Rickie Gaunt pose for my lady.

The Miller car is very pretty.

Austin Williams on the move to the track.

Don Gansen about ready to go hot lap.

Rickie Gaunt getting pushed by his son.

Logan Williams on a walk in the park!

Cody Williams jumping into his ride.

Brett and Brody Roa waving from the trailer. Brody ran 8th in the orange crusher # 91.

The senior Roa's always come racing.

Kyle Smith on the go here.

Now he is at the back of the line to the track.

I think that's logan heading to hot lap.

Cody is in line to go play in the dirt.

The sprinters get in the queue to go pack the track.

Laurie Sertich had a great day that started with her car getting ast time.

Mrs Wags relaxes with Laurie Setich and a friend.

The beautiful yellow masterpiece of Mark Priestley was 5th this week by Ventura home boy Cory Kruseman.

The Silver bullet with Damion Gardner up won their 4th race of the season.

Eddie Wirth and his wife Darice came to Ventura for the first time since he was the Wagtimes Grand Marshal in 2002!

Jake Swanson is settling in real good in the Sertich Moosemobile!

Hobey Conway didn't quite make the main, but you know she had a great time driving tonight.

Richard and Jace Vander Weerd got in the pits late and finished 12th and 9th in that order.

A J Bender hustled all night to no avail when he missed the main thru the Semi.

Over the years Mrs Wags always managed to get a pic of Mike Nigh and his son Cody. Here is proof that our offspring always out grow us!

Don't know this young driver but might be Johnothon Henry?

Johnathon Henry getting in his ride before he ran 7th here.

Good to see my old friend Harlan Willis.

Logan Williams car is waiitng for action.

Ronnie Case and his girlfriend Holly (I think). She didn't like the top one and went for the bottom one. You be the judge, she looks good in both!

Jim Naylor in the middle of his work day.

The winners trophy for the Fred Thomson CRA race at Ventura. Jim Naylor created it!

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