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Wagsdash weekend

The trophy from Trophy City in San Jose was wonderful again. No plastic in this one!

After breakfast it was to the track to start the set up process. We have to get all the tables and stuff lined up for the chili feed.

Then over to the golf course for todays start of events. Mike Truex came to play!

Tom & Linda Touts were responsible for the golf tourney's in concert with Jimmy Crawford.

Troy Rutherford came to play and checks in with Linda.

Scotty Stallmo was in the house. He brought his bag of change for the hard charger award!

His group, er foursome, was getting anxious to get started.

Tom decided to play so he was thinking about his tee shot.

Lois Ward came to help.

It is a pretty golf course and scene.

Jim Fargo and Marilyn Griffith came to help also. Jim was shooting the tourney.

But honey, I am at the golf course!

Mike Truex, Ventura's Cliff and Chris Gansen look ready.

Mike is saying to Troy, "could you let up on those drives"?

Jim Naylor slugs a long one.

It's not the Indy 500, but they look sort of fast.

Tony Jones foursome looking ready.

Jim Fargo looks a little lonely with his camera and nothing to shoot.

Time to relax for Jim and Marilyn.

Now time for the $5000 putting contest. Note Jimmy Crawford in the green. Look at his putter, it will later be famous.

Jimmy looks over his attempt at the big money and putts, ooohh just missed!

The excitement is building as they are about to witness an erie sight.

Lois Ward makes an attempt.

Marilyn Griffith on a line.

Jim Fargo takes his shot.

The Wags takes a chance. Note the camera isn't on me. Unbelievable Jimmy's putter knocks it in! Now that's erie with not playing golf in years and not even warming up, what a long shot!

And here comes VRA driver Charlie Butcher and knocks it dead. Out of the 50 wanna be putters, only 2 made the first shot and earned a second one. Neither Charlie or me made that one, so the $5000 was safe again this year.

Now for the golf banquet. Tom looks on as Jimmy Crawford speaks.

Joe and ellen Ellis came to the feed.

Ellen tries to take a pic while Lois Ward smiles.

David, Krista and Dylan in the throne booth.

Wags talking about the good stuff.

I don't know what Marilyn said, but Jim's eyes lit up.

Darleen and Stubby came down from Menden, Nevada for the fun.

Ashley Johnson looked nice at the banquet.

Jim and Fran

Steve and Kim Lafond arrived.

Sisters Kari and Tracy.

John and Sonia

Krista and Ashley

prizes, prizes, prizes.

Here we go, they must have won something.

Mike Truex and Mr Gansen

Linda won the miniature golf tournement by one shot.

The two Wags having fun.

Krista and son Dylan looking cool.

Gerry and Ashley going to breakfast.

Kari Alverran looks ready to eat.

Breakfast crew on Wagsdash morning.

Stubby and Darleen

Lynn Anderson and his crew arrives early on Wagsdash day.

Brody Roa gets a new hat.

Gregg Brag and daughter Kaitee and car owner with the Wags after the Wagsdash. He was 4th and the hard charger.

Brandon Thomson gets a kiss after finishing 2nd in the Wagsdash.

Dennis Rodriguez got the Rimmer long tow award.

The Mrs Wags Morono was jam packed and we put more in it.

The end!

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