Digital Images from David Cordova!
Wagsdash by David Cordova

Jim Naylor made awesome banners for the Wagsdash!

Julie Shiosaki and Kim Lafond visit their dogs.

Setting up is always a chinese fire drill, except they always get it done.

The Wagtimers work away.

Manning the booth is an all day job.

The items get layed out and ready for shoppers.

Mike Clark

Smitty and wife

The Wagsdash trophy that now sits in Brody Roa's trophy case.

The day begins.

The pit booth sign in.

Tony Jones says "let me in"!!

Brody Roa pit

Ventura Raceway and the palm trees aplenty.

Wags instructing Brody.

Brody looks happy here, wait till later!

Blake Miller was off at his sisters wedding, so Mike English jumped in for a return to sprint car racing night for him. It had been a while. He was 14th quick and 3rd in the semi and went out early in the main.

The Priestley crew had fun with Mike in the seat.

Mike's wife Lori was out with her hubby.

Rip Williams

The Mule is stopped for a moment as activity moves on.

The shoppers are looking as John Duffy watches.

Mrs Wags is ready.

Jeff Schnieder and Jim Herdrich

Ken Hillberg showed up with the WRA and has a big smile

It's always good to see them. The lined up on the midway and fans got an up close view.

Tracy and Kari up to stuff.

The Grand Marshal Richard Griffin and Wags.

Steve Lafond up on the turn one grandstands taking a few pics.

Tony Jones participating in the sexy driver contest.

Tony Razzes Richard a little.

Richard and Darleen Dils

A pic from up there overlooking the midway.


The midway was busy most of the day.

Danny Sheridan doing the sexy driver thing. Thank you to all who participated!

Who's on first as Chris Holt and Lynn Anderson battle it out.

Tony is messing with someone as Shelly Ostling looks on.

Chris is talking with Bethany's friend from AZ Shannon?

Bethany is celebrating her 24th birthday. What's that on her head, a queen's bling?

Angelica watches her husband do silly things. Lynn was up for it.

The sexy drivers

Rip Williams and Richard Griffin

Shannon and Ludwig

Rip Williams

Mike and Lori English

Eric Kaufman

Pat Bogan

Cody and Logan Williams

Greg Bragg and his daughter Kaitee

Bill Camarillo and Wags

Bill and son Bret

Mike Spencer

Marcie and Mark's son

Richard and Wags talk

Mike Truex tapes Richard

Mark Thrasher

Wags booth

David Cordova gets some pictures goin'

More booth fun with Fran, Krista and David

Jeff, Katie and Sharon Schnieder come to play

The WRA brought a few cars.

And more

And more


Mark Spivey checks it out

Joe Ellis enjoys the afternoon


And more

Ken Hillberg hangs with his car

Chris Holt and Jimmy Oskie

Julie Shiosaki made this collage

Mike English

The Lady crew explains why they didn't win the pit stop contest.

Wags says thank you for coming and enjoy the day.

And they went that away

Richard seemed to have a good time

Stubby and Darleen relax

Ludwig Solberg IV and his son?

Bethany and Shannon

Steve and Don are coming and going

Mrs Wags and Lois take a walk

Polka dots and checkers, what could be better

Kim and Krista making fun

Doug Allan taking pics

Doug Allan looking for that good shot

Thunderhead at work

Kenny Perkins works on the shock in the pit stop contest

Here comes the winner

Pit stop Comish, Steve Lafond, keeps an eye on the action

Who won?

Brody Roa started his sweep

Gerry the hot dog cooker

John and Kari

Mrs Wags zooming in on something

Steve Lafond happy

It's a photog's paradise

The Gasman made the crowd smile.

John Gardner of La Villa Restaurant made and served the chili all afternoon.

Wasn't there an old movie called "grumpy old men"? Doc Griffin, John, and Noyce look the part here.

Richard and Darleen

Richard and Mrs Wags

Richard signs autographs

Charlie, Johnathan and Heidi

Cody and Heidi

I think Tony is thinking

Danny is responding

Heidi is laughing

Cody is taking instructions from Brother Bret

Austin has tongue in cheek attitude

Lynn Anderson is bailing out of the mule

Lynn is making friends with Chris while Angelica looks on

An old friend of Wags, Mike Conklin, showed up for lunch

OMG, are we out of time says Tracy and John

Mike English, Rip Williams and the Gasman chat.

It's on the wall in my den now!

It's shady over there!

Still gathering over by the chili

Ripper and Gentleman John

Look at that evil gleem in Richard's eye

Jim Fargo in a sea of red

Jim Naylor made this sign for Richard's appearance

I took a moment to have a hot dog with Mike and Marilyn

Krista has a pull tag on her lip???

Doc imparting knowledge on young Logan Williams

Kari and Sonia visit with Rip

Steve is asking for the keys to the mule so he can go joy riding

Have a hot dog

Have some chili

I don't know, maybe it's all about fun

Fran likes Ashley because she works hard

I've had enough!

You sure there isn't a book in there, she looks like she's reading

Greg Taylor joined the fun

There's a sight

My bride the photographer

Sharon showing some love to Flo er Fran

The Schneider crew Jeff, Sharon and Katie

Sheridan and English on the track

Oops, a little sideways

Let's wet er' down!

Ripper ready to go get muddy

Thise tires were shiney every time Ludwig hit the track

The Anderson ladies Angelica, Wendy and Kenna

It took two pics to get them right

What is she up to now?

Mike Clark went to check the track

Ripper on the track

Cody Williams

Smitty in a quiet mood

Goin' to the beach?

Tony Jones

Where's your hat, Mike?

Sexy driver winners

Brody Roa the 2010 Wagsdash CHAMPION!!!

All photos © 2010 Mr. Wags Photos