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Danny Sheridan Shop

The Kittle Motorsports Racing Team has had some great success since Danny Sheridan became their driver. Here is a visit to the new shop, some random pics of the team, and some of the old shop.

8/16/12 - This season the Kittle Motorsports race shop has moved down the road to another place that a little farther from the parking spot of the big rig. With Danny's schedule cutback Ronnie Gardner and Ryan Bernal have picked up the slack.

The shop is about 30 feet wide and deep. There is room for several cars to be worked on at once.

In the back is a restroom and racks with parts and supplies.

Danny drives Warren Douraty's 360 as well as the blue cars.

You can put the car on rolling stands and work on them or move them out of the way.

This one too!

Crew Chief Randy at work.

Plenty of tools and work space in here.

Some work and some resting are always done.

There is a lot to d when two race weekends come up, before and after.

When the rig gets back after a race, it is unloaded.

Jeremy comes to help out.

The hauler is big enough to carry two cars and a lot of equipment, plus the four wheeler.

Roll it out!

Everything gets pressure washed.

All clean.

Paul, Randy and Jimbo on top with Steve, Ralph and Chad below as the main working members of the Kittle Krew.

The team photo, taken at Wagsland, shows a happy Kittle Krew.

This is what hustling looks like as they swarm the car to adjust something.

The view deck on the hauler roof is where they climb to watch the action on the track.

Danny and Ralph relax a bit

Gary Kittle showing his moves in a winery as Randy orders up.

The little blue bugger picks up a little mud.

Their fearless leader rests up after cooking for the masses.

Showtime on the gas up on the cushion, or above.

The Kittle Motorsports rig.

The rigs reflective rear door gives those who follow something to check out, themselves.

Planning pow wow going on before the races.

A flock of em' flew over that time.

Danny and his son Blake.

Showtime with his game face.

Danny's dad Rich always come to watch and help out.

Chad, Paul and Danny talk it over.

Randy is calling Steve to see if everything is ready to go back at the hauler.

Danny and Kacie ready to rock and roll.

One of the highlights so far in Danny's career is the joy shown here after he swept the 4th of July race at the PAS, fast time, heat race win and dominating the feature.

10/3/09 - The Kittle Motorsports team features Danny "Showtime" Sheridan as the priamary driver. I say primary because sometimes car owner Brian Kittle loads himself into a 360 and runs with the seniors in Ventura as does his brother Gary, but not as much these days. The shop was recently moved around to the other side of the big warehouse facility where they have been up to now, providing more room for working on the cars and also making easier loading and unloading in and out of the big hauler. The teams success continues to blossom as the close knit group works very hard on the race car, even though half the Kittle Krew is from Santa Maria. When the 410's are not running, they roll out the 360 car and still go racing. There are a lot of things that are involved in the Kittle Motorsports Racing Team beginning with the storage and care of the hauler between trips. After every race the hauler has to be unloaded and cleaned up, the cars adjusted, or rebuilt for the next event, and the final loading for the next trip. A vicious cycle, but that is what is required to be racing for a championship like these guys. The little blue bugger always raises eyebrows when they unload at any track and after Showtime takes the car thru it's paces, and he is always going to the front, it's more often that success follows. Racing is a lot of work and a lot of fun, and Randy, Paul, Steve, Ralph, Jimbo and Chad are busy little beavers when the hauler back door opens at any track.

A view looking the length of the big shop when you walk in the door.

The car that will be raced next is under adjustment.

An oldie is parked out of the way and will be sold.

Crew Chief Randy Shiosaki gets busy adding new torsion bars.

A new chassis gets built for upcoming races. Note they have a big old TV to watch racing stuff on when possible.

This view goes towards the overhead door opening.

Here is an advertising poster for a race at Santa Maria that was mounted on poster board to hang on the wall.

The racing part cart is always in use.

This was the 360 car ready for the next off week to go play.

Advertising is key for all race cars and the Kittle adds are prominently displayed.

The rear-end race clock mounted on the wall is always glowing.

Gary Kittle came to bring parts and do a little work.

"old" pics from the original smaller area they used.

Danny Sheridan's new shop is not in Santa Maria anymore. It is in a corner of the warehouse where crew chief Randy Shiosaki works. When most of these pictures were taken, the team was workng hard to get ready for the trip to Manzanita and a lot was left before they could load up in two days and go to Arizona.

The blue #18.

This model has a lot of changes going on.

Randy, Paul, Kenny and Julie check it out.

Motor time.

No number on this new model yet, but it all got done.

Sponsors are what makes racing go and this team is no exception.

Mike and Evelyn Clark check it out.

The big 410 is ready to go racing.

The cars are lined up as the building goes on.

It seems like it is always time to go racing, so this team spends as much time in between races working on the cars as anybody. Look for good results as the year goes on. It was a short visit, but it is always fun to go see them in their "shop" and watch what happens.

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