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Wagsdash day

The day at the golf course was fun and entertaining.

Mike Clark is testing the sexy driver banners here.

Tom Toutz talks at Wagsdash Classic banquet after the days golfing.

The golfing crowd comes in for a drink before dinner.

The Wagtimers came for supper. Joe Ellis and a sleepy Jim Herdrich.

Joe & Ellen Ellis.

John Duffy and Sonia Bandy

Jim Herdrich and Lois Ward keep an eye on Fran here. She had won a bid on a car and was out bid on another by Jim Fargo. It was Fran's birthday and Fargo gave her the one she missed.

Fran gives Jim a hug.

Here Fran shows off the gift, a J J Yeley midget.

Chucko looks away as the night continues on.

Here's a nice family shot of Darleen and Stubby Dils.

Here's one where Stubby has spaced out.

Here's Norm Bogan with some raffle booty.

Tom presents the winners trophy to the winners. Kevin Kierce on the right seems to be a good golfer.

Fran and Marilyn Griffith

Pat and Norm Bogan

Gerry and Tracie Johnson

From left Jimmy Crawford and his wife plus Bob H and his wife?

The Wagsdash set-up time early on Saturday is a whirlwind of motion getting ready for the big day.

Lets see, how do we do this?

The beginnings of set-up is not confusing anymore, just a lot of work.

Bethany, Braden, Mark and JAF hang out. Shouldn't they be working?

Mike Clark working away getting the booth ready.

Fran Herdrich and Jim Fargo. Where did he get that hat?

More of the same. They sure look busy when the boss is around.

Krista and Ashley doing stuff.

John and Lois at work.

The Trophy City beauty that went to Austin Mero later.

Tom Toutz in his Thunderhead booth.

Sonia Bandy is in charge of the booth and gets the t-shirts moving.

More working.

Now where is the directions? Wags! It was cute, took way too long to put up, and is on to Dempsey Dumpsterland by the time you read this.

Krista at work.

Gerry helping Wags with something on the mule.

The haulers are starting to arrive.

Fran is telling them to get to work.

Wags went out to retrieve Julie from the arriving Kittle hauler. She had her baked goods.

Julie has Hailey ready to play.

Trophy City plaques for the Sexy Driver and Pit Stop champion.

Get the point?

The bake sale gets going.

The Lafond experience - Korie and Steve - was felt all weekend.

The Wagtimers get in a rare group shot.

Workers go for a wrist band.

A look into the midway.

The Bruce Bromme banner in his honor.

Danny Sheridan was one of the early arrivals.

The food must be about ready.

Gerry gets the hot dogs on the cooker.


Where is it Fran?

Walt James brings the antiques to the Wagsdash every year. Thanks Walt, and all the car owners.

Wags and his lady trip around in the Wags Mule.

Jim and Jim talking about race cars, old ones.

New Wagsdash plate from Arizona courtesy of Jim Fargo. He must have a friend in prison?

More oldies from our past.

Sprint car cookies made for the bake sale by Dennis Rodriguez wife. I think he wanted to run the race.

The trophy again.

Look at what we stuck on the base.

The Wagsdash golf sweatshirt was given to all the golfers. The balance was given to us to sell. I think there might be a couple left. It's hooded so will keep you arm.

Ready to go.

Tracie served up a lot of chili this year.

A view of the chili feeders going thru the line.

My next door neighbor came to have some chili. JR, his wife Liz and friend Bobby had a long ride to see what I had been doing in my garage with all the photos.

The food line has Rick Freeman and Mike Conklin, former work mates from Kawasaki, in the front. Jimmy Oskie and Bruce Bromme Jr follow them.

Rick and Mike and their wives, Pat and Marilyn have a little chili with Mrs Wags.

Marilyn Griffith and Jim Fargo are planning something. Stay tuned.

Mike English, center left, is enjoying a meal.

Ripper is relaxing with friends.

Is that Sherrif John? No, it's Lavilla John fixing the chili.

Danny brought Blake out as Kasie smiles.

Ripper signs the helmet as Mike English looks on. He signed too.

Luis Espinoza signs the helmet.

Blake Miller having a go at the helmet.

Danny looking for a spot to put his name.

Evelyn Pratt hanging out in the pits in her little rig.

Braden helps Cody Williams sign.

Garrett Hansen signs the black beauty.

David Cardey gets it going.

J Hicks signs while wearing his old Wagsdash shirt.

Danny and his son Blake check out the track.

Jim Naylor out working the track.

No decals on the grader?

The first turn grandstands with the ocean as a backdrop, where else?

Dennis Rodriguez car is in the pit stop contest.

The fairgrounds man Brad watches as Steve Lafond checks out Chris Holt's mike.

D rod comes out of his car.

Brian Douglas and his crew appear. They were the big winners.

Kevin Kierce and his defending champion team go at it.

The youngsters had to hustle to get their car off the truck and came to compete last in the cycle, thanks!!!! They just missed the quick time.

The winners from Bruce Douglas # 31 car.

Dirty Danita and one of her Divas.

Blake Sheridan is having a fine time.

Jimmy Oskie, left, and John Redican enjoy the day.

Barbara Thompson, in blue, sister of Dean Thompson came with her friend.

Chris Holt interviews the quiet Bruce Bromme Jr about his father.

Barbara Thompson was enjoying herself.

Cal and debbie Smith made the trip.

I am not good with names sometimes, but these two are regulars Bob, left, George..

Cody Williams warms up.

Danny and Blake with Bethany who is supposed to be taking pictures.

J Hicks doing something he doesn't like, but is doing it for the Wagtimes.

Alan Ballard to the podium

Garrett Hansen gets ready.

Applause for the stuff going on.

Steve Conrad is not sure he is were he wants to be.

Steve Lafond laundering some money.

The girls are crowning Cody Williams.

Cody gets on the mike.

Luis Espinoza was "almost sexy".

Kinda sexy was Alan Ballard.

The winners, and all the drivers get my sincere appreciation for their participation. Julie Shiosaki organized it and we raised nearly $800 for the dash.

The Sexy Driver for 2008 - Cody Williams

DJ Everet and Mrs Wags share some time. DJ flew from North Carolina just to see the Wagsdash!

Karen and her mom Carla and niece Jessica relax in the midway.

Mike Spencer does the auto-g thing.

The little red sucker gets attention.

Rodney Argo in his trailer does his signing.

Jim Herdrich makes sure the crews are working hard.

Greg Bragg gets in his name.

The pit Meeting gets started.

Jim Naylor and CLiff Morgan walking around in the pits.

The welcome sign to the Wagsdash that Jim Naylor created for us.

The kids raced at 3:30.

Josh Ford signing a calendar for Ellen.

Steve Ostling giving his view of things.

More pit meeting stuff.

Tony Jones signs the black helmet.

Greg Bragg pushing off.

Danny Sheridan moving towards the track.

Mike Spencer moving out.

Blake Miller about ready.

Krazy Kinney ready to go run the Wagsdash.

Julie and Silvia out and about.

KK about to climb in his car.

Ludwig getting ready to mount up.

J Hicks car getting the last touches.

Cody Williams car gets adjusted.

Luis Espinoza gets buckled in.

Tony Everhart ready to hit the track.

The podium from the regular 30 lap main with Tony Jones, Cory Kruseman and Danny SHeridan.

Austin Mero gets his time on the mike after winning the 18th annual Wagsdash.

The bonus for the Wagsdash winner from Laett Brace.

Group photo with winner, winner now where's dinner.

Rick Hendricks, Austin Mero and J Hicks in the winners circle.

Hobie Conway started last and passed 9 cars in another K Kar.

Austin's mom on the right with daughter Crystal.

Austin and his trophy.

Another shot.

Steve Lafond presenting the Lafond jar of Change to Bobby Michnowicz. A sum of $1030 was a record!!!!

Awesome dude!

Ron Bach helping his car back to the pits.

A happy Cody Williams after the races.

Pat Bogan and Darleen Dils.

Alan Ballard's father Ernie looks tired after a long day.

Nellie kisses hubby Ray and sez Good Nite Now!!!!

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