Digital Images from Mr Wags!
Route 66 on the road.

An old 50's studebaker

55 Chevy. Nice paint.

57 Chevy

And old Caddy and a newer Vette.

Another 57 Chevy in blue.

Like a lot of pick-ups with paint and wheels the big change.

54 Chevy ragtop in blue.

There were some little grandstands for those who needed to rest a little.

56 Chevy - for sale $25,000 - FIRM on the window.

A plain Vette

The 54 Chevy again.

A black sedan.

Nice 40 Ford.

Bikes going the wrong way?

A white Chevy from the fast cars era.

Whatever, it is painted nice. Volkswagon?

350 GT Mustang

An oldie.

A plain 55 Chevy

64 Chevelle convertable.

58 Chevy

An old Chevy?

A Mercury, maybe 53, 54.

A nice T-bucket

Another T-bucket

And another.

A Cobra

A nice Camarro

A Nova

An old 32?

A rear shot. Needs paint, as did a lot of these hot rods.

A nice 55 Chevy

A 56 Chevy

Might be a Chevy

Another 55 Chevy.

A willys

34 Ford

Nice red 32 rod

A nice old Ford roadster

An old 51 Chevy?

Another nice roadster

An OK sedan?

Another Camarro

A nice 55 Chevy

40's Chevy

A green Camarro

This Chevy looked and sounded hot. Look at the fat slicks.

An old 51 Chevy

A nice GTO

A real nice 34 Ford

An old Beer wagon?

57 Chevy wagon

A Mustang

Elliot Ness car?

The porta potties made a great place to watch from????

This happy days car was sharp

Hmmmm, what is it?

What a nice Ford sedan

?????????????????? Mack?

White is nice here.

A pretty but nothing special Buick hot rod.

Old truck looks new

Old 51 Chevy with every bolt on available.

A 23 T with a USAC/CRA sticker on the side.

59 or 60 Vette

The crowd was getting larger, the darker it became.

A nice red 55 Chevy

A hot Chevy

This lady was advertising the Moranno Valley rod event the next week.

Wow, this ones colorful.

Black Ford

59 Chevy, I liked these.

This old Merc had a hood that did tricks.

Nice old Ford sans paint.

An Oldsmobile

This El camino looked great.

This Willys was hot!

This one looked ready for paint.

Blue Mustang

Apple green Ford

Another nice 34 Ford

Nice Bucket

A nice 55 Chevy panel

I think Rambler

A Ford panel

Another chevy

A nice rod

One more late arrival

A nice little truck


Nicely restored old Chevy

Getting dark so night lights are on.

Roy Kischell came with this red Vette as he does each year. He and his friend were having fun.

No they weren't cruisin' for doggies. I just liked the name.

The rest of the pics were done poorly due to forgetting my flash, so they didn't make the cut. There were a lot of "plain" cars I ignored as they seemed to be people with cars with different wheels and sometimes paint. They wern't what I would call cruisers, and some were even newer than the 64 or older guideline.

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