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Granny Humphries 80th birthday party and family reunion.

The 80th birthday and family reunion of Maxine Humphries was held at the lovely home of Barbara and Gary wallace on June 11th in Henderson, Nevada. The elegant home was full of family members and friends of Max during the afternoon. The food was plentiful and tasty, the entertainment was her son Kirby and the kids got to go swimming during the afternoon. A real photographer took lots of photo's during the afternoon, besides these, and will be available. A memory lane CD was presented during the afternoon that was engineered by Terry, Missy and Barbara, as was the whole days affair, they did a wonderful job! The musical pictorial of pics of her life from the beginning to now, gave everyone a trip down Granny's lane as her life was put to music and brought a few tears.

Max was the center of attention all afternoon and the guests included Doyle & Shirley George from Tulsa. At 80, not many of her friends are left back there, but all those who couldn't come, sent their best wishes. She had her daughter Terry and son Kirby in attendance, plus Grandchildren Chris, Missy, Tracie, Callie, Daniel, Stacy, Catie, Jason, plus Great Grandchildren Jordan, Brianna, Tory, Christopher, Hunter, Ciara, Cassie, Alex, McKenna, Logan, Camryn, and Thomas. Add spouses and friends and the crowd of over 50 rejoiced in the day of Granny Humphries.

I will add names and stuff later with time.

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