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Joe Ellis 80th birthday gathering

We went to Phoenix to celebrate Joe Ellis 80th birthday. It happened at a mexican restaurant named Rosita's (or something like that) and many of his friends came to party with him. Lealand and Janet McSpadden, Ricky Johnson, the Trashers, Ed & Wanita, Jeff and Carrie McSpadden, Fran & Jim Herdrich and more came to fete the old guy.

Ed & juanita and Janet McSpadden

Ricky Johnson greeted by Ellen Ellis

Jeff and Carrie and Ricky Johnson

Mark Thrasher, his wife Janel and Bethany on left as boyfrind Gary and Joe on right.

Wags and Lealand talking shop.

Janel made "cake pops" for the party.

Wags and Lealand again.


Jeff and Gary

Ed and Juanita and Lealand and Janet

Joe having a drink and enjoying himself.

Ellen doing her thing.

Terry visits with Mark, Janel and Sonia.

More of the same, different angle.

The cheese crisp are good.

Over the hill Joe.

Fran smiles as Jim & Joe talk.

Groups of fun

Mark & Janel

Joe's cake

This is your birthday song, it isn't very long!

Take a picture.

Say something, Joe

Gary and Bethany.

Janet & Lealand

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