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Trophy Dave and Muriel's Xmas lights for Make a Wish

This is the front of the Pusateri home where each year they light it up for the Make A Wish Foundation. There are 66,000 lights that go on for three plus weeks near Christmas and it is complete with animation, singing Santa's and even a few nights of Santa CLaus and Mrs Claus with two elfs to greet the kids. Pretty impressive as the annual lighting raises a lot of money for the Make A Wish Foundation, LAST YEAR NEARLY $ 10,000! Dave, Muriel and many helpers make tthis happen every night for kids who come from all over to see the awesome specticle.

The thermometer from last year urges to beat the total from the year before.

The informative signs let's the sightseers know when and what is going on.

Santa visitation info.

The corner features the North Pole sign.

here's one of the donation containers where Santa sings to you when you approach and put money in the slot!!

The side view of their home is also well lit up at night.

The santa and sleigh is over the three car garage.

Another donation container.

Our host Trophy Dave who is cooking the famous teriaki sticks that highlighted the many years of the trophy Cup feeds in the past.

Trophy Dave and granddaughter Karlee, who is a Golden State Cheer girl for the local NBA team.

Back yard decorated for the invited guests to the Xmas party.

Tables for munching and visiting.

Rooftop deco before dark.



Muriel at home in her kitchen, she never seemed to stop all night.

The door to the backyard.

The spacious kitchen is very nice.

Looks like Wags is sluffin off while Trophy Dave cooks.

Trophy Dave's dog Lacy. She goes to work every day with him at Trophy City.

Muriel can really decorate, here is one of the Xmas trees in the house. Muriel is the best at decorating.

Fireplace deco.

Her Dicken's village by day.

And by night. She got Terry into this stuff a long time ago.

The family room with it's tree.

Nice train!

Terry just taking it all in.

Murial and Karlee hustling around.

Mother and daughter Karen and Karlee.

Entry way deco.

I didn't get his name.

Living room fireplace by day.

And by night.

Dale getting ready for the guests to come and eat. he was a working ool gtting the food all out for the feed.

Here's Karlee getting Rich to open the wine bottles.

The drinks serving area run by Karlee.

The garage eating area had Santa, too!

The little train below found a home!

Howard Kaeding, among many other infamous people, enjoyed the evening.

Muriel visits with Brent Kaeding and his wife Jody.

Terry visits with Muriels son Greg and his kids.

Terry and Annlee (?) visit.

The entry into the house from the back door.

A group after the lighting viewing just visiting.

Steve Gomez having a good time.

Although not very clear, here are a bunch of photos as I walked around after the lighting happened.

Note that Make a Wish is boldly lit up on the house.


Note the crowd was oohing and ahhing as I walked around.

Many, many charachters on the front lawn around the corner based house.

They even had the North Pole!

The train had the wheels rolling!

A little house.

Skaters going around the tree.

Look at the helecopter on the roof with turning rotors.

Look it's a Harley!

A little deco on the wall between houses.

More stuff.

Looks like an igloo to me.

A rocking horse, it just goes on and on it's amazing.

Santa's Workshop.


More more.


History statement.

Now some of the rooftop deco

The helecopter

The elf on the left shoots the packages with a canon up to the top where the elf stuffs them down the chimney. It is animated.

The sleigh is cool.

Sleds and trees up there.

Trees and reindeer here.

Most of the house, but it didn't take well, too many lights!!! 66,000 of them.

The snowman makes friends! and to all a good night!

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