Digital Images from Darleen Dils!
Darleen's visit to the Buster Venard Race Shop

On Thanksgiving weekend we did a double visit trip of some 1500 miles from Vegas and after attending the Trophy Dave lighting for Make A Wish in San Jose, Mrs Wags and I cruised across to Mendon, NV for a visit with Darleen and Stubby Dils and Linda and Buster Venard in nearby Gardnerville. It was a great visit with dinner at an Italian restaurant with the four of them plus a visit to the race shop where Buster hides his two sprint cars and a lot momemories from his racing days and that of his two sons Steve and Bryan. Although the race cars haven't been on the track since Buster moved from Tustin, CA to Gardnerville, they get out to car shows and occasionally get lit up in the neighborhood when the boys come to visit.

The Wagsdash posters are on display in the race shop behind the home of Linda and Buster Venard.

Just some of Busters trophies form his short but winning years as a driver. Also some pics that were on the wall.

It's tough to see here but Buster poses with Dean Thompson.

Buster poses with one of his fast rides.

Buster shows off one of the very first screens created to make t-shirts. Wish I had one of those, don't you?

The Yellow car looks ready to go racing.

The blue Ellis Chassis with a Shaver looks even more ready. Plans for a refresher on the paint in the future will make it look brand new! Yes, the weiner dog was on this car!

More stuff to see!

Cool wall hanging!

Hanging around in the shop shows things on the walls.

More wall hangers including Buster's Wagsdash poster!

Buster and Wags enjolying the time together.

Dinner was Italian.

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