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Trophy Dave Lighting

Trophy Dave has presented his Trophy Cup race for 20 years. After the first year, success was so great he needed to make the event something special to him. Make A Wish got on board the second year and over the twenty years Dave and his followers have raised over $940,000, including a record $135,000 this year. Part of his success is his annual lighting ceremony his home undertakes each Thanksgiving thru Christmas. Over 66,000 lights glow each year as his "cash" boxes outside his home get filled with donations. A golf tournement, a race weekend auction and other opportunities to get involved grows the purse and the Make A Wish contributions. Dave was going to retire this year, but the Ohhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooo from the racer commmunity in San Jose has kept him organizing the event again. The 2013 race was spectacular and his point basis inverted lineups continue to make for great racing at Tulare each year. If you don't put that one on your calendar next year, too bad! Terry and I made the 8 hour trip to Trophy Dave's place on Friday ready to see the lights outside go on for the first time since last Christmas. What an amazing sight when he flipped the switch!The crowd of over 125 came to enjoy food from Taqueria Tlaquepaque, a mexican restaurant nearby, and to be hosted by the Trophy Cup man of the year. Santa is still visiting until Christmas and the Make A Wish donations continue to come in. You should drive by their home when the lights are on at 1851 Cherry ST in san Jose, it's worth the drive.

That is Muriel and Trophy Dave before the feed and lighting began. They do an amzing job!

That's Mrs Wags looking or water in the kitchen.

Thats the fountain in the back yard that didn't fountain because of the pump being broken.

The living room is decorated like all of the house!

That's Mrs Wags TEXTING?

The dining room.

Christmas tree in the living room

The family room has a tree, too!

Trophy Dave talking to his dog

A little gingerbread house, ready to eat?

The special cake was pretty and tasty too!

The daytime view outside the house looks pretty good, but wait until the lights are on!

There were plenty of tables for all the guestas to chow down on.

A look around the YARD.

Outside with no lights yet.

Still no lights.

OK now we go for the lights!

Oops , I forgot the roof!

Light it up Trophy Dave!


Look who's here!




And more.

Still more

And The End!

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