Digital Images from Steve Lafond TOHF
The Lafond world of speed and color !

Dave & Muriel's granddaughter Jessica in "her bar".

One of two Xmas tree's that were amazing.

Terry and Kim Lafond

Kim with the Wags

Jessica pouring wine. Note the wine glasses that say "Believe", a Make a Wish slogan.

Wags caught stealing a Pat Williams made chocolate chip cookie. Pat is well known for her cookies and more.

The Pusateri house before the lighting.

The corner view before lighting

You can barely see Muriel doing shots with her servers and daughteer Karen, second from left.

Down the hatch!

Another shot of the tree.

Dinner enjoyed by many in the garage setting.

Muriel with Steve Lafond, famous photographer brought in as my replacement when I forgot my camera.

Muriel with one of her guests.

Muriel with Theresa the owner of the mexican restaurant that provided the food. It's called Taqueria Tlaquepaque, I dare you to pronounce it!

Muriel with her sister Marilyn with the owner Theresa again.

The Pusateri dog Lacee, a really sweet Dog.

Kim Lafond and the wags with Muriel

Ray and Pat Williams. Long time friends and supporter of the Trophy Cup and more.

Muriel with her grandaughter Nautica and granddaughter Karlee with her daughter Averee and Lacee. Got it?

Kim and Wags

A nearby neighbor, the guy is Stewart, but is also someone Steve works with.

Sprint car driver Ryan Bernal and girlfriend Gabriella Gomez

More garage seating

Steve and Mrs Wags

Karlee and daughter Averee with Tracee, two of Dave and Muriels granddaughters and one little great granddaughter.

Karlee with her husband Luis and daughter Averee

Lacee at ease

Bud Kaeding with Steve

Bud with his daughter Makenzie

Howard Kaeding, a legend in sprint car racing, and Kim Lafond.

Trophy Dave and Howard Kaeding

The lighting starts!

Amazing sight!

Steve and Kim with the red and green lit bottles

Note the Make a Wish logo up top

More good stuff

The train was in motion!

The left side of the house with flash

and without flash

The train again


A nice trio wanted their picture taken

Trophy Dave under the North Pole sign

Santa and the reindeer o the roof.


Another neighbor named David and a friend.

Ernie Gomez and Wags

Little Ernie Gomez, Theresa and Ryan Bernal's dad Rick

Lacee still cute

The Wags

The Wags with Kim photobombing

Another Wags

Ernie with Teresa

Rich is one of Trophy Dave's longtime friend and worker B with his girlfriend Katie.

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