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Turkey night 2016

Geoff Ensign wins 360 main

Geoff Ensign getting the checkers

Geoff Ensign and crew

Geoff Ensign

Kyle Larson wins big Turkey Night 98 lapper.

Kyle Larson

Ronnie Gardner Western states Midget champion

Tanner Thorson USAC Cgampion

Jimmy Crawford and Brandon Wiley

Jimmy Crawford, Scott Hall and Brandon Wiley

Jimmy Crawford

Jimmy Crawford

Charlie Butcher

Charlie Butcher

Ryan Bernal

Ryan Bernal

Scott Hall

Scott Hall

Tristan Guardino and Cody Majors

Tristan Guardino

Drivers meeting

Bruce Douglass

Brice Douglass

Shon Duskins and R J JOhnson

Jordan Linson

Cory Kruseman and Dave Swindell

Tristan Guardino and Cory Kruseman

Cory Kruseman

Cory Kruseman

Buddy Kofoid and Rick Hendrix

Buddy Kofoid

Jake Swanson and Cody Majors

Rick Hendrix

Julie Shiosaki with the pill draw

More pill draw

and even more pill draw

Michael Pickins and Trey Marcham

Jim Naylor and Levi Jones

Jim Naylor

Bobby and Wendy Michnowicz

Trey Marcham and Cody Majors

Trey Marcham

Cody Majors

Cody Majors

Carson Macedo

R J Johnson

Brody Roa

Brody Roa

Dennis Rodriguez

Dennis Rodriguez

Dennis Rodriguez

Troy Rutherford

Troy Rutherford and Cody Majors

Geoffrey Strole

Kyle Smith

Klint Simpson

Koen Shaw

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