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Walt James fete

It was a group of about 100 plus who came to say goodbye to Walt James and hello to a lot of old timers. They looked happy to be there and people visited around until the remember time happened.

Ron Rea, who won 16 CRA main events, is having fun.

Rip Williams and his son Cody attend. John redican is visiting with them.

Jerry Hudson comes to greet me. I think.

Ray Vodden, left, visits with Dee Jones and Jim Wood.

Don Zabel, far right, is enjoying the other old timers at the affair.

Sorry, don't know.

Ed Hudson, Jerry's dad is telling something importent.

Sammy Bahr and family came.

Vickie James was trying to get the wild Turkey drinkers going as Bruce Flanders watches.

I know Chet Knox was involved in some header company and she is Vickie's sister.

From left, John Redican, Chuck Hulse, Jimmy Oskie, Ron Rae and Jay East.

A small group greets Stan Atherton.

Stan talks with John Redican and Ron Rea.

The crowd listens.

To the melodic tones of Bruce Flanders.

The gift shop down stairs had stuff.

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