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Don Blair Memorial

The Don Blair Memoriam was held at the NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California. I made the long drive out of respect for a great man and wouldn't have missed it. His last few years were very hard on him physically with extended hospital stays and a lot of pain. He had a good idea about how he would pass out his money after he was gone with a truust designed to put cash inthe racers pockets. Hopefully, that will start as soon as the legalities are handled.

The entrance to the museum

The Don Blair sprint car was brought in.

Don Zabel came to pay his respects.

Another sweet dream car.

Rickie and denise Gaunt came.

Cars in the museum

More cars

A poster on the wall

Top Fuel cars hung in the rafters.

More cars on display

Horsepower on display

More front motor dragsters

Hot cars galore

Fuel Altereds were short 92" wheelbased rockets

Even here the sales thing was goin' on

Many came by to celebrate Don's life

The End

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