Digital Images from Steve Lafond TOHF
The Lafond world of speed and color for the Western World 2019!


Austin Williams and his girlfriend Missy

Same pair

Steve with Dean Mills

# 1

Rico Abreu and a friend

Brody and dad Brewnt roa

Mark Alexander visitinng with Wags

Wags with Big Steve Kimmel and Greg "Chainsaw" Godek

Davey Jones with Rickey Johnson

Steve with Jim Powers

C J Leary and his dog spot, no Charlie

Shannon McQueen wth Indiana Photog Rich Forman

A fan named Derek who put money in "The Jar"

Justin Grant and Tim Clauson

Davey Jones with Wags and Rickey Johnson

Steve's marvelous sunset shot with more to follow

Another of Steve sunsets

Steve's sunset

More sunset

Another sunset

Another sunset

More sunset

And one more sunset


Brody's $1600.13 hard charger money

Brady Bacon

Kevin Thomas Jr

Steve and Wags presenting the jar and the Booze

Tyler Courtney

Eddie Tafoya jR

Hollie Glock and Candice Robinson the Trophy girls

Chris Windom

C J Sarna

Jake Swanson

Rico Abreu with Hollie Glock and Candice Robinson

Josh Hodges

Brody Roa

The McSpadden clan with Ben Thrasher

Damion Gardner and Brady bacon

Wags with Rip Williams

Brody Roa and Stevie Sussex

Brady Bacon with his daughter

Justin Grant and Thomas Meseraull

Rip Williams with Bryce Townsend from New XZealand

Tyler Courtney

Rico Abreu with Hollie Glock and Candice Robinson

The Brody Roa Winners circle foto

Hollie Glock and Candice Robinson

Steve and Mark ALexander

Damion Gardner

Buddy Kafoid

Rich Forman with Hollie Glock and Candice Robinson

Eric Wilkins

Laurie Sertich with Jim Powers

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