Digital Images from Steve Lafond!
Steve Lafond does Tulare

Rodney Argo

Austin Williams

George Hague and Bud Kaeding

Bud Kaeding across the finish line

Bud Kaeding and Damion Gardner

Bud Kaeding and his daughter

Bryan Clauson

Bryan Clauson

Keith Kunz, Brian Clauson and Austin Williams

Dave Darland and Geoff Ensign

Don "THE" Barber, Kim Lafond and the Wags in the tulare grandstands - freezing!!!

Drivers posed after collecting money for Darren Hagen

Nic Faas

Nic Fass

Dave Darland in midget

Scott Pierovich

Jon Stanbrough

Danny Faria

Danny Faria and Sean Buckley

Damion Gardner

Justin Grant

Tracy Hines

Dennis Howell

Levi Jones

Matt Mitchell

Dave Darland and Julie Shiosaki

Matt Mitchell

Cory Kruseman

Casey Riggs

Troy Rutherford

Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan

Mike Spencer and Danny Sheridan

Mike Spencer

Jon Stanbrough

Tim Kaeding

Wags and Mrs Lafond

Chris Windom

Bud Kaeding and Tim Kaeding

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