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Oval Nationals final


View of the infield

The Moosemobile

chad Boespflug

Jace Vander Weerd

One of Biggie's cars

Chris Wakim drove this car to third in the Seniors main Saturday

Krista's little cutie MacKenzie is a charmer with a big smile for all!

Jon Stanbrough's ride

Verne Sweeney

Josh Pelkey

Darren Hagen

Danny Faria

Bubby Jones old car

Logan williams

A J Bender getting ready. Is that Coach checking out the bird cage?

R J Johnson

Tony Everhart

Matt Rossi

Richard Vander Weerd

The Williams family at work

Ronnie Gardner

Chris Wakim

The little red sucker

Garrett Hansen

Darren Hagen

Dave Darland

Tobey sampson ran both the Seniors and the regular 410 shows. Pretty busy as he was honoring his father who is a little under the weather

The silver bullet

Jeremy Ellertson

Super Rickie Gaunt

Bryan Clauson

C J Leary

Looking around the pits

The End

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