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Danny Faria

Kyle Larson had Keith Kunz in his pit.

Matt Mitchell and Damion Gardner pits

Beezer on his way around the pits

R J Johnson and Hunter Schurenberg

Look how R J uses a tarp to keep his pit clean

Ripper and son Logan look at Dad's car

Harlan Willis hangs in the Priestley pit

Mike Truex does his job too close to the track?

Seth Wilson

Ooops after Greg got on his head.

Super Rickie

Brody Roa and his pit area

The pits were crowded

Still crowded

And more

And even more

Cody Copelan and helper getting ready to race

Keith Bloom shows how wet and sloppy the track is.

Cody Williams

Troy Rutherford looks to get fired.

Where there's smoke there's fire. Someone is cooking lunch!!!

Some of the sprinters on the gas.

More sprinters

Gavin Matlock and Josh Ford duel it out in hot laps.

Tony Everhart

Tony Everhart

Levi Jones

Matt Mitchell pulling the wheels

Danny Sheridan pulling off the track after qualifying.

Greg Bragg's first qualifying lap was good!

The end of his second one wasn't so good! Start at top right to left, then 2nd row right to left and third row the same.

And then all the helpful people arrive. He was fine.

Shane Golobic and Danny Sheridan duke it out.

Geoff Ensign crawls out of his car after an incident.

The last thing a racer ever wants to see is the wrecker hooking up his car.


More action

Dusty action thru the fence.


No open red puts the Sheridan bunch on the outside looking in.

Kevin Michnowicz won the lightning sprint main from the 7th row.

More action

Brian Clauson stopped on the track.

And more action

Danny on a run.


Pits are still packed.

Brett Roa probably talking to his motor man after Brody broke the new piece on Thursday

Tony Jones, right, showed up for the Ovals. He won it back in the day.

Vinnie's dad Carl is a photographer too?

Jeff & Cindy from PA and Big Steve enjoy the show.

K-Railer's close to the action.

Jimmy Oskie honoring Don Blair

He gets a little air here!

Wagtimer Krista having a food break on a long day.

The guys who protect our racers and more!

They work hard to be there when needed, fully dressed and ready come hot days or cold, they are ready.

Here is what you look thru from the grandstands to see the backstretch!

And them there is the man known as coach. He hangs out in turn 4 where he directs traffic going on the track, scrapes mud off the walls, gives a push to cars who stop on the track and react to help anyone who gets in trouble.

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