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Steve Lafond and Mrs Wags

Mark Thrasher

Ellen Ellis with Steve Lafond

Joe and Ellen Ellis




Paul Dean visiting in the pits

Mallory Gardner, Tim Truex and Haley Shanley the lady with Speed Shift TV program

Jake Swanson's lady walking the dog

Somebody's going to shoot some video

A photog heading for the pits

Davey Jones with CJ Leary and jake Swanson

Jake Swanson's ride # 34

Chris Windom

Chris Windom

Chris Windom

C J Leary

Charles Davis Jr

Justin Grant

Brady bacon

# 34

# 34

Brody Roa

Brody Roa

R J Johnson

Danny Faria Jr

# 42 logo

Danny Sheridaan

Dave Darland

Dave getting buckled in

Dave about ready

Fuzz Matt Rossi

# 21

Glenn Crossno and Levi Jones talk

# 7 Bruce St James

# 32 Chase Stockin

# 74 Josh Hodges

# 99 Brady Bacon

# 7 Tyler Courtney

# 32 Chase Stockin

# 4 Justin grant

Nice hauler

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