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Breakfast with Karl started my day off with pancakes! Thanks, they were great

The PAS pace car

R J Johnson ran 20th in the finali

Rippers car coming apart to become Austin's ride for the night

AJ Bender ran hard all weekend, but missed the main tonight

Tooth Doc's car ready fro more fun

Jace Vander Weerd Made the main and ran 21st

Richard Vander Weerd was 13th after missing the opener with a broken crank

The silver bullets rode hard with Damion finishing 7th and a spin putting Nic Faas 17th

Tyler Courtney drove Bob Ream's car. He was last in his heat and done then

Robert Ballou was 19th in the main event

David Bezio had a hard day

Tobey Sampson gives his Frankenstein Special a cleaning. It was fast enough to get on the podium in the main after he won his heat race

Bud Kaeding didn't have the greatest weekend as he was 16th Saturday

Danny Faria blew the motor on Saturday and was done then

Tony Jones was seen admiring his father's old ride!

Cody Swanson missed the main in this one

David Cardey had it rough in his last race, ever. He was 22nd as he walked away afterwards

Verne Sweeney missed the transfer to the main this night

Bryan clauson worked his way forward and almost caught the winner, but still is the National USAC Champion at the end of the day

View of the pit infield

John Aden didn't make the main but had fun

The t-shirt booth did big business all weekend

C J Leary had some work to do. He was 3rd quick and 14th in the main event

News Flash - Wags joins a woman's basketball team!

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