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OVAL NATIONALS thursday friday 11/02 & 11/03

Thursday practice

First look at the pits on Thursday showed little early on.

Check out the "tent suites" above the grandstands

Cars for Johnathon Henry and Bud Kaeding are unloaded

The two Ford cars to be driven by Kyle Hirst and Ryan Bernal. Neither got a break all weekend.

David Bezio, the Vander Weerd's and Ronnie Gardner rides getting ready.

Ronnie Case came to play.

The Vander Weerd brothers Jace and Richard

The Moosemobile gets attention

A J and Bobby Bender drive these two.

Rick Hendrick

Hubcap Mike and Jesse Denome

Greg Alexander

Brody Roa

David Bezio

The Tooth Doc Jim Giardino brings out a new toy to run with the seniors. He destroyed the motor and was done early.

Two Dwight Cheney cars were out. Troy Rutherford and C J Leary drove them.

Jon Stanbrough did a great job getting 2nd and 3rd on the two nights

Chris Windom and David Cardey on the track

Ronnie Case joins them.

The tooth doc flies his flag at 72 years old

Jese Denome out practicing

Ryan Bernal on top of a trailer checking out the action.

Ronnie Gardner doing some practicing.

Friday starts

Jake Swanson helps Brody Roa before going to get his own car ready

Robert Ballou's crew at work

Ronnie Case brought two cars out

The Josh Ford cars out for Kyle Hirst and Ryan Bernal

Victor Davis

Bryan Clauson stops to talk a little

Dave Darland and wife Brenda coming in the pits

Ronnie Gardner chats with Richard Vander Weerd

David Bezio's ride looking ready

Chris Windom

Tony everhart was back after a while off due to crash pain recovery

Rusty Carlile crashed on Friday and watched from the grandstands on Saturday

Hunter Schuerenberg

Tracy Hines

Jon Stanbrough

Chase Stockton

Need some fuel?

The Bender Brothers getting ready

Rick Hendrix working on a tire.

Mike English doing the same thing

Look closely, this is the last time Beezer will be a CRA official as he is retiring to do other things. He'll come watch he says.

Senior driver Ed Schwarz

Dave Darland relaxing

Randy Shiosaki and Steve Lafond chatting

A view from outside the turn 1/2 fence

Workin' Woody at rest for a bit.

what are these drivers discussing?

Hubcap Mike Collins

Rickie Gaunt was the Saturday night Wagtimes/Lafond Hard CHarger winner of $1000 and a bottle of Crown Royal

Randy talking with Conrad and Mr Bender, the father of A J and Bobby

David Bezio sporting a smile

Sprint car on truck

Bud Kaeding's car getting a once over

The black stealth Williams cars

Damion Gardner had a motor problem Friday

Nic Faas

Moosemobile gets some attention

The Bob and Monica Clauson motorhome is a hangout for many at a lot of races during the year. Most of the racing season they are living at Gas City with stops all around Indiana. They come home to California for the winter,but still hit a lot of races until November ends.

Jake Swanson rolls his car out of the Trailer

The Troy Rutherford and C J Leary cars being worked on.

Dave Darlands ride

Ronnie Gardner's ride

Cars heading to pack the track







And more

Larry Henry and Mike English changing the world

Troy Rutherford picks em up

Bryan Clauson

David Bezio

Ronnie Gardner

Hunter Scheurenberg

Chase Stockton

Chris Windom

Mike Spencer

Tom Hendrix

David Cardey

Dave Darland

Jace Vander Weerd

Rickie Gaunt

Robert Ballou

Jon Stanbrough

Jake Swanson

Rusty Carlile

Johnathon Henry

Richard Vander Weerd

A J Bender

Rip Williams

Damion Gardner

Damion talking with Lee Leonard

The Kittle viewing area in good use

Kenny Perkins in front of Ryan Bernal

Brett Roa looking for the green machine


Ryan Bernal

Cody Williams

Greg Alexander

Nic Faas

John Aden

Richard Vander Weerd and crew fixing last nights wall banging incident

Ronnie Gardner

The Williams cars

The Roa team putting another bullet in the green machine utilizing the Kittle Hailer

Watering the campground, guess who? Carl Latner who else.

Mike and Frank hanging out

** equals my camera - Steve Lafond pics!

** Rip signing an autograph

** Bobby Michnowicz

** Braden the artist sporting one of his designs.

** Front stretch line-up for the fans

** Rip Williams and Steve Conrad chatting

** Austin and Neetra

** Steve Lafond and Austin Williams

** Damion Gardner with Vinnie in the background

** Nic Faas visits

** Steve Alexander and Tom DOwning

** Mike Spencer

** Spencer's ride

** David, Krista and Dillon with a little girl to be named later about due on Monday.

Dillon with Wags

Jake's girlfriend climbing in the car for a ride to the pits

D J everett, his Wife Linda and their new son C J and her two girls. He now lives in Boise, ID

Dillon and Gary

Sonia modeling a nice short from the past

Amy came to watch Damion race

Trailer top viewing from the Ford hauler. Ryan Bernal viewing here.

The start of the main thru the fence.

Austin Williams got $500 and a bottle of Crown Royal Friday night for Hard Charger. here with Steve Lafond, Wags and Mike Clark.

The following photos were shot by Chuck Fry!

Rickie Gaunt got the Lafond Jar of change with $1000 and a bottle of Crown Royal for Hard charger. here with Biker Bruce and Wags

Rickie and Steve lafond

Rickie with car owner David Miller and Wags

$ 400 Wagsbucks for Mark Alexander

Laurie Sertich received $ 300 Wagsbucks

Robert Ballou received a little traveling money

The Number 7 car got shiney tire money. Mike Clark presents to Bryan's mom.

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