Digital Images from Steve Lafond TOHF!
Steve Lafind at work

The Wagsdash podium- Winner Bullet Blake Miller, Runner-up Brian Camarillo and third Jimmy Crawford.

Hall of Fame Tom Schmeh presents Jim Naylor the 2006 Promoter of the year award.

Steve and Gary Howard with the 2007 Wagsdash Trophy in memory of their dad, Glenn Howard.

Blake Miller

Scotty Weir

Danny Sheridan

Dennis Rodriguez

Tyler Brown

David Cardey

Jimmy Crawford

Luis Espinoza

Damion Gardner

Danny Faria Jr

Danny in the air

Nadine Gardner

Rickie Gaunt

Garrett Hansen

Jonathan Henry

Tony Jones

Mr & Mrs Wags

Cory Kruseman

Three wide!!! Cory, Danny and Scotty.

Ronnie Case and Wags

Ronnie Case receiving the Lafond Jar of Change from the creator Steve Lafond.

Bobby Michnowicz

Jonas Reynolds

Danny and Luis

Greg Taylor

Mike Spencer

Dan Tedrick

CRA Main pdium Scotty Wier, Rip Williams and Mike Spencer.

Brian Venard

Wags in his Mule

Wagsdash lining up with Brian Camarillo, Dennis Rodriguez and Dwayne Marcum.

Chris Wakim

Scotty Weir

Jim Naylor interviewing CRA main winner Scotty Weir.

Scotty and Spencer

Brian Williams

Ripper pulling the wheels next to Super Rickie.

Ripper and Spencer

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