Digital Images from Jim Fargo!
Jim Fargo's Wagsdash

Mr Bear came in Jim Fargo's trunk and brought more cash to the Wagsdash purse in the auction. People never cease to amaze me in their creativeness.

Dolphin's in flight?

Ashley, Gerry, Jim Fargo and the Mr Bear hang around Wags and his mule.

Mrs Wags taking a picture.

Mrs Wags and Mr Bear.

Jeff and Ashley wandering.

David and Krista in the Mule heading for ice.

Steve and Korie Lafond

Marilyn, Terry, Darleen and Fran.

Ashley and Julie looking to set up the bake sale.

Wags is in trouble with Brudder Brett.

Sonia ready to work.

Jeff and Tracey do some chatting.

Steve and Mike Clark put up the large Glenn Howard poster.

Julie and Mike talking about the collage she made.

Ripper and Joy Paulson.

Julie and Fran organize the bake sale.

Joy, Rip and Joe Ellis.

The crazy Wags people

The welcome signs made by Jim Naylor for the Wagsdash day.

Hailey at home at the bake sale.

Julie and Hailey having a snack, or testing the bake sale goodies.

What did you say????

Chow down!

Chow down 2.

Chow down 3.

Food line.

Chili served.

Chili good?

Lois Ward and Mark Alexander.

Wags up to something.

The Truex family, father and son, in attendance.

The famous $900 Demon Flyin' helmet.

Mike English is still recovering from his year old motorcycle accident.

Stubby and Darleen

Fran and Jim

Naylor building a track.

The Black Widow Racing Team.

Evelyn Pratt with Tony and Tammy Jones.

Tony and his son Grady with Evelyn.

Tony autographs the auction helmet as Jeff looks on.

Jim Wells looks like he might be coming or going, one way or the other.

Jack and Nadine Gardner enjoying the chili.

Then there are the Gardner's with that Wags guy.

The Jones family portrait.

Oops, how did the polka dots get in there?

Bruce Douglas competes in the pit stop contest!

The young Gardners are at it again.

J Hicks puts his crew to the test.

Interested parties watch the contest.

Kevin Kierce ended up winning in overtime!

Tony and Grady watch the action.

A little brain trust occasion.

Everyone wants to know who the blonde is?

And the team is $500 richer!

Mike talks with Kevin.

Mike found out Brudder Brett collected his own prize winnings for being named Honorary sexy driver. He had an envelope of cash he was proud of!

The sexy driver winding up.

See the young lady handing money to a driver, that's how it works!

Dirty Danita and her Diva's had a grand time.

The top three!!!!

Danita with her man, the sexy driver winner, David Cardey, who looks alot like a certain Bostin Red Sox pitcher!

Jim Naylor and Wags hustling money for the helmet.

Tom Schmeh of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame presents Jim Naylor with the 2006 Promoter of the year Award.

It's Wagsdash time!

Dennis Rodriguez and Brian Camarillo line up.

Luis Espinoza

Kevin Kierce

Ronnie Case and Chris Wakim

The leader, Dennis, was cruisin until the motor quit.

Blake Miller crosses the finish line and gets the checkered flag.

Bobby Michnowicz and Eric Severson. Bobby is a former Wagsdash champion.

Dwayne Marcum and Brian Camarillo.

Blake arrives in the winners circle.

The winner and a bunch of happy people.

The big check!

A happy two time winner.

Car owner Jeff Gardner holds the trophy.

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