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Wagsdash day

The race day starts for Wagtimers getting prepared. The EZ-UPS go up and were on the way.

The tables needed covering, so what color shall we use?

The tables get the auction items.

The Wags booth is red, but all the polka dot stuff is still hiding in storage.

Grand Marshal John Redican was greeted with this banner.

Marilyn seems to like this stuff.

Darleen is wondering something. tell her now!

Let's see, sez Steve, what would he do?

Is Kim trying out for a Freddie Kruger movie?

Braden watching Bethany work?

This rear-end clock was masterminded by Jim Fargo. What a neat item. Hope he remembers how to make another one.

Tina pauses between jobs for a smile.

The auction items get placed with a sign up sheet.

Fran gets the eating area to her liking.

The microphone gets hooked up for Chris Holt's use later

The drinks are getting iced down.

The food table gets ready for serving hot dogs and chili.

John Gardner is the La Villa chili man.

Russell Bliss, Loren Hill and Russ start the day with a snack.

Danny Sheridan, Tony Jones and Blake Miller take in the midway. It's too bad some racers stayed in the pits during the feed?

Jim Herdrich stirs the chili.

Krista and David worked hard running to the store.

Maria Gardner came with hubby to serve chili. Wags thinks they had fun.

A Lafond family photo!

Jim Cardey and First turn Rob at the table.

Don Reed and Wags having a bite.

Gerry is cookin' the hot dogs.

Kari is smiling here.

Rip Williams visits with Darleen.

Tony Jones poses near the auction area.

Tina watches Tony and Rip chat. Those two are sort of related.

Danny Sheridan!

Legends of Ascot pair, Don Weaver and Belita Michnowicz.

Grandma Susie and grandpa out to watch their grandson win again.

Chris Holt and Gentleman John Redican.

Chris Holt and Danny Sheridan during the Sexy Driver contest.

Chris and Josh Wise.

Fran has Kevin Kierce in her clutches.

Blake Miller on the walkway.

Mat Neely took part in the fun.

Kevin Kierce is up to something.

Bruce Douglass does his thang for the crowd. It got him in the Wagsdash!

Evelyn Pratt digs for returnables.

The sexy drivers are doing the money dance with Chris Holt.

Brother Brett does his thing with Fran. Ronnie Case is an instigator for Brother Brett.

Bullet Blake Miller with Fran. He got flowers so must have done well.

Danny gets Showtime moving with Fran.

Bruce Douglass and Fran get cheers.

Tony Jones gets the crown.

The winners and they raised nearly $1000. Thanks to all the drivers who joined in the games.

Wags has some thanks to give.

The Sexy podium again.

The booth before the storm.

The Trophy City Trophies were awesome!

Glen Howard comes out of his So Cal trailer.

Grand Marshall John Redican with Wilda Kindoll.

Mike Nye and his son Codysmile together.

Pat & Lee Ann Normoyle and Ray Vodden.

Tracey & Gerry Johnson at work in the kitchen of Wagsdash.

Is that a spook hanging on the side of the USAC trailer or an official in trouble?

More fun at the picnic area.

J Hicks got into the Pit Stop Contest.

You have to change a right rear tire and a shock.

It is a timed event and Branden Thomson was also entered.

Kevin Kierce was the winner!

Kevin and his crew get the winners cup.

Here's to ya!

Rodney Argo rolled it over in hot laps, but came back to get 11th in the main event.

Garrett Hansen took the former Mike Kirby car to 5th in the main.

Doug allen tried to sneak by me. Doug's marvelous work graces a lot of walls of our fans.

The Damion Gardner entry did not do well this week. When he got "officialed" in the pits during the main, he and his crew went off, except for Bruce bromme Jr, who walked away to play another day. This put the dmeon 41 points behind in the championship race.

The crew works hard on the little red sucker.

Aaarrrgh, is that a pirate me mates?

Where's Amy? There she is. She added to the purse this week, even though she is a diehard Damion fan.

Ragine and her husband gave us a blanket to auction off and a winners scarf.

A view of the pit line up area.

Another view.

Matt Stewart in the shadows.

Greg Taylor's car is a rich red. He missed the main by one spot.

Danny Sheridan has a way about himself with his smile, and gets 2nd this week on the track.

Troy Rutherford.

David Cardey's car in the pits.

Rip Williams and Matt Mitchell get pushed to the fireup area.

Ronnie Case was 11th in the dash when he came out with a muffler hooked onto his front end, from another car.

Wags is talking with someone here in his Mule.

Aarrgh, here he is again.

Look at this graphic!

The annual autographed helmet, this one retrieved by Lee Ann Normoyhle, went for $325.

Here's the winner with Wags and Chris. Kevin something, my memory, you know, he said it twice.

J Hicks had a flat tire and while his crew was trying to change it, the tow truck driver took a signal from "someone" and started pulling them away amid screams to stop. Nevertheless, this kept them from being ready on the 3 laps to go, and they were out and hot! The steering box was broken, so after the fact, they wouldn't have made it back in anyway.

Ludwig Solberg IV started on the pole of the Wagsdash and ended up in the infield with his muffler on Ronnie Case's car after a spin.

Matt Stewart ready to go in the Wagsdash.

Does this car look familiar? It's Dennis rodriguez new ride. Still has Harlan Willis name on the side?

Steve Conrad got into the Wagsdash by passing the most cars in last weeks VRA event. He went out early when another car did something, he said.

Ronnie Case ready to go win a second Wagsdash.

Kevin Kierce ready to roll.

Wags and Julie chat while Sylvia Watkins works the white board.

Now that's spooky!

How did she get that job?

Photgrapher Jim Fargo and Wags.

The photographers of fame.

Here is Ronnie aftera spinner took him out.

Here is Ronnies car with three mufflers.

Brandon Thomson came out of his car on fire, he was so pumped up after getting third.

His joy move was a sight for sore eyes.

Kevin Kierce got second, the hard charger Lafond Jar of Change for $742, the Pit Stop Championship and wanted more. He wants to win this race!

Alan "Big Boy" Ballard (new nickname) was a charger coming from the back to win his second Wagsdash. It will be the last as two is the limit, right Marc Hart?

Brother Brett somehow found a way to get in the picture.

The top three pose for the fans. Most stayed for the race, surprise! Thes three received tickets to the Turkey night Grand Prix.

Surprise, Wags won the Dale Frye painting and presented it to John and Maria Gardner for their chili feed help.

Tony Jones jumped into his sponsors picture for a pose.

Now Mark & Steve Alexander get in the picture.

Steve Lafond presents the Lafond Jar of Change to Kevin Kierce after his hard charge in the Wagsdash.

After the race, loading up is always a challenge. Without all the chili fixins, it was a lot easier.

The fuzzy trio of Kim,Krista and Korie.

Tom of Thunderhead and his wife smile big after the night is over.

Chris Holt's job is done. He can go home now!

Breakfast came early the next morning at 8:30 and many were not impressed. Only four went home without eating, so the 25 or so that ate with us was amazing. They all had something to say about the weekend and all of it was positive. The group likes to do this and in fact missed the cooking of the chili, so we will return to doing that and say thanks to La Villa for bailing us out this year. The sometimes emotional outbursts included their love for each other as a group, their desire to keep working together, and they want to do a couple of other get togethers to relax and enjoy themselves. They all profess to like this Wagtimes thing and the tradition is strong and staying focused. I was very glad to hear their speeches and we know we will keep on doing it in the future together. Here comes the 17th annual Wagsdash!

Here David and Krista smile for Mrs Wags. (LA County)

Koprie Lafond gets more mature each year and more dedicated to our cause. Hmmmmmmmm, where are those sneaky hats? (Northern California)

Tracey and Gerry Johnson broght the mule on a 4 hour trip for my use. Thanks to them, it was a lifesaver. (LA County)

Sonia and Kari are full of ideas. I hope adaptation is as easy as it sounds. (LA County)

Jim and Marilyn. Jim broke his high dollar Canon camera and lense on Friday. He went shopping on Saturday when he couldn't make Mrs Wags Rebel work for him. That was about a $2000 plus error. (Denver and Phoenix)

Pat and Lee Ann Normoyle came South for the fun times. (Northern California)

What are these two up to? They came for the food. (Nevada)

Ben and Bethabny Thrasher and Braden Wasson. (Phoenix)

Darleen and Tina. (Menden, Nevada)

Steve and Kim. (Northern California)

We had plenty to enjoy breakfast with before we all headed on our seperate ways home.

Wags and Mrs Wags say thanks for the best Wagsdash of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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