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Arizona Racing Hall Of Fame

We went in the back way.

The first race car I saw

We were greeted by Mark and Bethany Thrasher

An old sprinter on display

PIR photo

An old pavement car Tony Stewart drove

Woody was always working around Manzy, Wish he still was!

The pit Stop

Billy Shuman water bucket

A car Jesse Hockett drove

Donny Shautz sprinter

Dave Manes Bellville winning Midget

Nameplates off cars

Poster of note

Welcome poster

The Wall space was used up

Many people everywhere made it hard at times to get clear shots, but these two were enjoying themselves.

As the sign says "a Bruce Robinson built 60's sprint car.

It's been a while since it was on the track

Richard Gasman Griffin drove this one

The Hank Arnold Super Modified

Deise Bennett drove this little car.

Forgot to check on this motor.

Edmunds midget.

Really nice oldie!

Gasman driver suit.

Jon Stanbrough

Ellen with Jeff McSpadden and wife Carrie

Joe and Ellen among the visitors

Funny, it doesn't look like Lealand!

Shane Carson and Lealand McSpadden up to something as Jeff looks on.

Janet McSpadden talks with Larry Ward, and old newspaper sports reporter who use to go to Manzy.

Janet shows her pride in her hubby.

The McSpadden clan having some fun.

Jeff and Carrie visit with Mrs Wags

Gone but not forgotten, Jessie Hockett.

Interesting poster/map

Charles Davis Jr says no one can see me, right?

Nice trophy.

Mark and Daughter Bethany having fun

Steve Stroud in the middle of the action!

Little car

Still crowded

Lealand and Janet with 5 time CRA Champion Jimmy Oskie

Janet and a blond I do not know.

Oh but my feet are tired.

Wall action in the big front room

An almost copy of an award to Lealand when he was inducted into the legions of Ascot Hall of Fame.

The Tempe Tornado and Flyin' Shoe photos

The under glass items are amazing.


more wall stuff




And last

Night all, it was a fun time.

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