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20th Annual Hot Rod Reunion at Famosa

Shirley Muldowney's ride is still pink!

The rear end looks mean.

Injected dragster about to make a run.

Don Garlets Swamp Rat III

The announcers "tower" they used to call the timing tower.

A yellow fast Vette.

A studebaker in the queue waiting for his chance.

An old Cook and Bedwell car.

Some info on the car.

Rain for rent top fueler of James Warren from nearby Bakersfield. This was one of the best. They started out with a chevy then graduated to the big Hemi.

Front view is sleek.

An earlier rear end B dragster from 1958/59 time frame for Warren and Coburn.

Hustler I, one famous slingshot.

Nitro Fish, one I don't remember?

An old Chrisman car.

Howard Cam Shifter car

Interesting flathead double

I passed on the ice cream, but they had a crowd late in the afternoon when it was 95 degrees.

Nice Willys

Frantic Four fueler was famous - Weekly, Reverio, Fox and Holding.

Need a shirt from the old days?

Don't remember this one of the floopy's.

Costa and Stewart

Twin carburated Chevy's

Burkholder Brothers fuel altered.

Old Master of Ed Pink.

Weiss and Larkin top fueler

Rear view of the W - L car

Western Mfg fueler

George Boltoff gas dragster


Wild 34 Ford

Hey mom, I found a car I like!


It's OK

Not nice

34 Convertable

Blown 34 Ford.

Hemi powered roadster.

Nice 32 or so

In black it would be Elliott Ness's car?

An yet to be finished roadster

An old twin dragster

Is that white enough?

Silver one

An old panel truck

Pretty nice little truck


White rod

Little red rod

Orange Hemi powered

Kid rod

All kinds of shopping available as this couple zones in on.

Rat Fink stuff still around

Might be a 66 or 67 Vette?

Now that's a rod I would like!!!

Looks incomplete, but it's not.

This car comes to Perris and is loud!

Mooneyes booth.

Mooneyes dragster. They made a model kit of this one

Moon equipted?

An old Dragmaster chassied car with an also old NHRA Safari car of the day.

Merciless Mouse!

Cars lined up to fire and run.

Nice oldie

Why is the guy on the left smiling so big?

Willys gasser

Hrd to turn these long wheelbase cars around by hand!

Flopper coming back from a run.

That's a revelation?

Smooth looking front motored oldie/but newie.


Shirley "don't call me Cha Cha" Muldowney!

Fireside Inn roadster/dragster driven by Larry Dixon I think.

A modified roadster

Another flopper coming in from a run.

He's going back to his pit area.

Another AA/Fueler

A blown chevy dragster

A Willys backdrop for a pretty blue dragster


The world famous Speed Sport Roadster. You have to hear this motor, it's outrageous!

This one looks just like the famous Stone Woods and Cook AA/F gasser! It's not though! Part of the Geezer Gassers!

Another modified roadster of speed!

This would make a great street rod car!

More gassers and they all look sharp!

Another nice one

Everyone had a cart but me?????

AA/Fuel Altereds were the most outstanding cars of their time because you never knew when they would go straight or not so straight.

There were a million of these injected Jr fuelers around

Hand me the whatchamacallit!

This little Pure Hell Fuel Altered live up to it's name. He even ran AA/fuelers straight up and beat them sometimes. It was quick and fast! It is one of my two favorite AA/fuel altereds.

The High Speed Motorsports AA/Fueler getting ready for another run. Walt Stevens, NHRA Hall of Fame top fuel driver, is part of this team. He is also a sponsor of Josh Ford's sprint car.

The side of the trailer has some pretty neat graphics.

Often in the pits they fire up the fuelers to make sure everything is back in place. SO near is the place to be to get the full effect of a loud nitro burning monster. The lady on the right is covering up because of it.

Another fuel altered

Bradford's AA/FA

Rat Rod???

firing up and ready to go!

Nice looking car for me.

Funny car

War Eagle

Yes, this is my other favorite AA/FA the WInged Express!

Here's the Vette I saw on the way in and he's about to make another run.

The end!

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