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Trophy Cup workers at work

The Trophy Cup Wonder Workers really have their hands full as they are busy from the moment the Friday morning sun comes up until the group meets for a late night snack at IHOP after it was all done on Saturday night. They do it all and begin by getting the large bulding by decorating it and then monitor the auction items, move them to the taco feed, help serve the tacos, clean up and tear down the decorations and put up new ones for the spaghetti feed on Saturday at noon. They get the spaghetti ready as Ray Williams is the cook, and everyone else makes the salad, warms the bread and gets to serving the crowd when they come in. Then clean up and continue on thru the race and until all auction items are claimed and the loading up is done. They are busy. There are a lot of family and close friends that do this every year and for what... Make a Wish and the racers.

The auction table started behind the grandstands on Friday, then was moved inside for the Taco feed and the Spaghetti feed, then returned behind the gandstands to finish up.

This is the largest pot of spaghetti sauce I have ever seen!

Pat Williams mops the kitchen floor and was it only one of her duties.

Trophy Dave lights the stove burners to warm the meatballs with Ray Williams and granddaughter Jessica looking on.

Ray listens to Muriel's sister Marilyn, who needs something.

Trophy Dave takes his dog Lacy wherever he goes, work, lunch wherever.

Ray Williams is in charge of the sauce and it starts simmering about 8:30 to be ready for noon seving.

Ray is at his station as Trophy Dave and Lacy visit him.

Trophy Dave's daughter Karen gets the bread warmed up.

Trophy Dave listening to Muriel's current needs as they have a lot to do besides visit like some of us.

Joe Walker and Daves other granddaughter Karlee get the bread ready for heating up. Karlee is a San Francisco Warrior "Cheer girl"!

Joe is the bread specialist according to Trophy Dave.

Mom and daughter Karen and Karlee are conversing.

And they pose for Wags.

Barbara, right, and friend mess with the tomatoes for the salad.

Trophy Dave greets the fans near the auction items table. The two winner trophies for the night are on the floor.

Muriel talks with John and Annlee Pusateri, Daves son and wife. Annlee is the t-shirt artist for the Trophy Cup shirts.

The Make A Wish group made a bunch of neat pumkins for the event. I wanted this one.

Workers working.

Pat and Ray Williams were honored as they presented the Trophy CUp and this cake spells it out.

The auction table had all kinds of things racing and non-racing.

Karlee is looking over the crowd.

Trophy Dave and Stevie Gomez are very close and they are up to something!

The crowd continues to come in and get involved. It's all about earning money for Make a Wish as the purse comes from Trophy Dave's contributers.

Jessica is serving one of the Gomez girls who would dress up with Jassica and Karlee to be the Trophy Cup girls.

Chris Kearns came to enjoy the weekend as his Santa Maria season is done for the year.

Even the dogs love the Trophy Cup.

There were several helmets available. This couple was buying tickets for something.

Howard Kaeding, the first of three generations of Kaeding racers, shows me the meatballs were good.

Everyone is a server in the spaghetti line.

The view as you enter the line.

That's Joe Walker's youngest daughter, in insert because she wasn't clear, and I told her she looked like trouble to me! Her older sister agreed.

Hey, I think Marilyn is waving at me to come over and eat?

Somebody said I would look like that in a few years, but I disagree. My beard won't grow that long!

A cute mom and daughter pair!

Seat saver Stevie as I use to call him because he was allways saving seats for everyone.

The event is about over as the tables were emptying.

That's the end of the spaghetti feed and time to go racing!

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