Digital Images from Mr. Wags!
Bakersfield reunion drags

This gasser is cool

The Frantic Four car driven by Norm Weekly

Cockpit view.

The Stags car?

Could use a little red.

Black rod

Flathead dragster

Long view

Fuel roadster

Mariani Speed Shop


Magic Car built by Kent Fuller


Burkholder fuel altered. I happen to be standing next to the headers when they fired it off. My eyes watered and I had to move!

I should have noticed he was flowing fuel in the injectors.

Tommy Larkin top fuel

Don Perdomme

The Burkholder FA

Ed Pink's Old Master fueler

A little crowded

AA/C roadster

AA/C roadster

C Gasser

34 beauty

Old chevy

Another 34

Nice 40

nice car-

gas dragster

good stuff


and again


Short Wheelbase!

Western Manufacturing

Sharp Willys

Another sharp ford

Nice Willys


Don't know if the guy laying on the ground is asleep or working on something?


I hear the cacklefest is the best!

is this you're idea of a great lunch?

No hood Willys?

Plain jane 55


Newer Willys


Nice yellow willys

Rat rod?

Cayote rod?

nice white out rod

Somebody will like this old Merc!

Chevy too

for sale 40

I'd take this 32





I'll take this one. I had one at one time, but it was worth too much money in those days so it became a new Lncoln for Mrs Wags.

51 chevy


nice 56

Pretty Willys!

Black Rod!

And another

Old willys


nice 34

Nice panel

Old sled


54 Chev?

Wow, nice

Cool rod

nice blue one

nice one

Lee, shame on you!

Nice again

She said Hi! and where I'd put this pic.

Lee's new girlfriend

Lee had a little problem

There they go!

orange crate?

White one

A giveaway?

you need NHRA gear?

Biker bruce sighting

The Hustler, or one of them anyway

Another Huustler shot

Nice Willys

Nice looking red rod

Fuel roadster

One of the first Chizlers for the Greek, this one by Rod Stuckey

Another shot


And old Garlets car


Benny Osborn was one of my first "idols" when he ran the two motor Chevy gas dragster at Mo-Kan Dragway near Joplin, Mo

Twin motored car for Benny


A K S Pittman AA gasser

Fuel dragster

Fuel Altered

Fuel Dragster

One more

Blonde fan

Winged Express

front view

Reath Auto

Bradford's fuel altered



Rat Trap fuel Altered


Old style dragster

A get around bike?

The end.

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