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Reunion drags at Famosa

Hitting the reunion drags is always a blast.

The walk down the dispkay area behind the grandstands was special as usual

A long wak with so much to see

Stil going

And so on

etc etc


Still more

Contimuing with hot rods instead of hot dragsters

More hot rods

Some real winners

Steve Lafond managed to get in some of these pics

Lots of old diggers on display here

I've seen all these oldies run in their day

It brings back memories

Tommy Ivo, Chris Karamasines and Don Garlits were giants of the times

More diggers

It's a view of fun from the past

Some of the full bodied cars were beautiful to me, expecially at Lions Drag Strip under the lights

The last three pics are of Benny Osborne from Tulsa, OK. He raced around the midwest in his twin motored chevy gas dragster. Later became an NHRA Top fuel champion. These are the two cars he is famous for

More good stuff as Steve and I walked around

There is so much more, but we had to leave

A poser by a sharp Jr fueler

Another poser opp

Walking thru the pits saw plenty

It's a pit walk!

More hot stuff


And more

And the way out

The wall hanging sprint cars made by Trophy Dave

Keep an eye out for this guy headed to the North Pole in December. This is my mini-mule for road trips. Sweet!!! I need more polka dots!

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