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Tulare non wing Trophy Cup

The man behind 20 years and over $500,000 raised for the Make a Wish Foundation plus an exciting inverted wing experience that makes it worth attending. Now that he added a non wing night, it's all good!

Trophy Dave on his rounds

Here's a perfect example of Trophy Daves work! If you've seen any of the 20 years of Wagsdash trophies, this should look familiar!

Dave's wife Muriel's sister Marilym works tirelessly every Trophy Cup.

This years Trophy Cup shirts in black and white and for the first time... a non wing car on it!

Early arrivals line up

That's Biggie working on one of his two cars in attendance.

More cars under the EZ-UP.

5 time CRA champ Mike Spencer drove the little blue bugger.

Austin Liggett

Mike Spencer and Mike Collins

Richard Vander Weerd

Make A Wish sprinter earned $1100 on one ride.

Jason Meyers

Kyle Hirst

Bud Kaeding

Ryan Bernal

Matt Day

Koen Shaw

Geoff Ensign

Kyle Hirst

This is how it started for Billy Butler.... Just a slight tilt to the right as he ran without a wing for the first time and suddenly UP and Over she goes!

And this is how it ended.

Chris Ennis

Kevin Barnes

Kyle Miller

Peter Murphy

Andy Ferris

Andy Foresberg

Shawn Kautz

Rusty Carlile

James Sweeney

Danny Faria

Richard Vander Weerd

Kyle Evans

Terry Nichols

Jeff Sibley

Bud Kaeding

Darren Clayton

Ricky Kirkbride

Adam Frith-Smith

Cory Kruseman

Kenny Perkins

D J Netto

Austin Liggett

Mike Spencer

Ryan Bernal

Jace Vander Weerd

Mike Collins

Danny Sheridan

Marcus Niemela

Mark Martin

A little action.

More and the end.

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