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Trophy Cup non wing night

The opening day the check-in booth got organized for checking in the drivers and having them sign the helmet for auction.

Many came by to buy t-shirts and programs

Visitors kept on coming as the time passed away.

Wandering the pits in my mini-mule, I saw cars I didn't know.

Dennis Howell and Jace Vander Weerd were in the house.

More cars in wait

Brody Roa made the trip, but had no luck as he crashed out of the main.

Ryan Bernall takes a wild ride

Another look at Ryan Bernal's ride

Panorama track shot

Dennis Howell

Bud Kaeding

Danny Faria Jr

Austin Liggett

Austin Liggett

Jace Vander Weerd

Jess Thistle

Terry Nichols


Markus Neimela

Max Adams

Jessie Denome

Richard Vander Weerd

Chris Ennis

Kevin Swindell


Rusty Carllile

Brody Roa

Kolby Araki didn't have a good time after crashing and going to the hospital and missing the rest of the weekend of racing.

It took a long time to get Kolby out of the car.

Grove Hill says this may be his last taping of the Trophy CUp as he wants to turn it over to someone, but will still come to watch.

Matt Mitchell

Getting off the track is fun to watch as the exit is unique

A llittle action on the track

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