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Trophy Cup worker times

The 21st Annual Trophy Cup always begins with the drivers checking in at the pit gate. Not only do they have to sign in to get pit passes at the pit booth, but they check in at the t-shirt booth where Trophy Dave and Marilyn get them to sign the two wings and helmet ( these for the Make a Wish drawings), pick up a program and get their event t-shirt. It also gives them aome time with the main man, Trophy Dave.

Thursdays check in

Just getting the booth set up, Promoter Steve Faria comes for a visit as the day on Thursday gets started.

Steve Gomez puts up a sign as Marilyn gets her t-shirts organized.

Ernie Gomez, the man who organizes and runs the annual golf tournement, and Muriels son Greg are part of the big TCC (Trophy Cup Crew)!

The overall 2104 Trophy Cup for the winner.

Trophy Dave doing what he does every year, visit with all who come by the booth.

The world famous Ernie Gomez isready for the day.

Trophy Dave looks over the new ride Steve Faria brought him. Its a brand new gas buggy and during the weekend Trophy Dave used it a lot to get around the big fairgrounds.

The pit booth line beginsnot long after 10 AM

People seems to keep busy while in line

Signage on the haulers ranges!

The pit goers were able to buy a three day pass, but had to pick up their new wrist band each day.

Trophy Dave answering questions.

There are many varieties of pit buggy's as this one looked comfy

Mariln helping a customerr

Terry McCarl takes a call while he waits for his pit pass.

There are two event t-shirts every year. The white on is on this front wing that the drivers qutograph for the Make a Wish drawing.

The black t-shirt graphic was a little more fun with this monster look

Terry McCarl signs the black front wing

Muriel and Marilyn in the booth

Who is he talking to?

Greg gets started selling chances on his cow flop bingo board! $20 a chance to win $1000. There were 3 boards completed and on gentleman bought 160 of the 200 tickets and sadly for him, he didn't win.

The hot dog feed after Thursday nights opening night race

The hall is huge and was busy during the three Trophy Cup Feeds.

The many diners having fun eating and visiting while the band plays

Action everywhere as the cheese dogs went down with a lot of beer

Dennis of Taco Bravo not only brought the food for the hot dog and taco nights, he was cooking on friday and serving on Saturday.

More looks around

Some of the Trophy Cup Crew after the work is nearly done

Some very large illustrations of the cars of Dominic Scelzi, Rico Abreu and Howard Kaeding went in a silent auction at the spagetti feed on Saturday.

Set-up for the Taco feed

Trophy Dave with a specially decorated wine bottle for the winner on Saturday night. One other bottke was presented to Dennis owner of Taco bravo for all his help to the Trophy Cup over the years.

The crew at work to make it Taco festive for the feed on Friday night

It looked ready for tacos!

Taco night

Jessica and Tracy, Trophy Daves granddaughters) manning the beer and drinks booth

More Jessica the beermeister

A look at the crowd looking for tacos

Another look around

Let's eat!

Let's look at the drawing items. I had my eye on the pedal car!

The band was a little loud, but the misic was appreciated!

Loud Pedal Productions was in the house! Tim and Mike do great race videos

More activity

Serving the crowd is a big job

The TC "Crew" getting a moment o rest after a lot of work.

Ernie dancing with one of his girls

Ernie dances with his bride Donna

The care and feeding of a spagetti feed. First warm the sauce!

Ray Williams and Ernire Gomez get the spagetti warming while the bread is radied by Pat Williams and Greg

Now comes the set up as Pat Williams brought lots of pumkin stuff to make a beautifully decorated hall.

Still deco time!

finally, ready fo food at noon!

The Crew having some fun

More TC crew antics

Much more

The life and times of Trophy Dave at the Trophy Cup

Let's do this spagetti thing!

Getting in line is fun

More food getting

It's a nice day


More people coming in

Spagetti was good!!!!!!!!!!!!

The driver suits that went for $21,000 during intermission in a live auction.

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